At present in South Africa there is a palpable anti-Australianism, particularly around Capetown. This is a convergence of the ball-tampering scandal and Peter Dutton's dog-whistling.

South African citizens unfortunately believe that what Dutton says represents what Australians really think (after all, he is our Immigration Minister). It is a headache for Julie Bishop and worse for Malcolm Turnbull (he cannot afford to publicly rebuke Dutton for dog-whistling because Dutton is the most senior conservative still in his camp).

Dutton’s statement about white South African farmers deserving special refuge in a “civilized country like Australia” has provoked much ill-informed comment within Australia. All this is widely reported in South African media. Tony Abbott has even made wildly inaccurate claims that “something like 400 white farmers have been brutally murdered over the last 12 months”.