Apr 19, 2018

‘I charge dead people’ and other horror scenarios for the government

Embarrassment isn't the only problem from the banking royal commission for the government. It will cruel its narrative in other areas too.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The government's embarrassment over the constant stream of shocking revelations about misconduct within major financial institutions -- shocking even for veteran finance watchers in both the scale and the seniority of involvement within major corporations -- isn't the only political impact from events unfolding in Melbourne.

The long period of hardline defence against royal commission calls -- including outright mockery of the idea by figures like Scott Morrison -- is already yielding a goldmine of quotes for Labor as each day produces new shocks. Morrison, foolishly, kept doing this just two weeks ago when he dismissed the whole exercise as, in effect, producing nothing new. He's had to go from saying the government wasn't hearing anything new to claiming he was "deeply disturbed" in just 14 days. It's not a good look. Barnaby Joyce has already said uncle and declared he was wrong. But it's easy to admit such things from the perspective of the backbench.

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5 thoughts on “‘I charge dead people’ and other horror scenarios for the government

  1. leon knight

    This government has been busy creating dead people too – I am really looking forward to seeing Michaelia Cash before an RC explaining youth industrial deaths on her watch…I wonder if she will cop as good a grilling as Shorten and Rudd got, and how well will she perform in front of a forensic counsel-assisting?

  2. Smit

    Turnbull ran a merchant bank in Australia. When will he be called before the Commission?

  3. AR

    It’s not even as if the members of this complicit claque in Canberra need to be put on oath before the RC – the voluntary statements they are on record as having uttered, apparently (inexplicably?) proudly as if in justification should be enough for the shadow of the lamp post in a half fair society.

  4. zut alors

    Perhaps the Commonwealth Bank will inspire Turnbull & Co to begin taxing dead people.

  5. brian crooks

    as the water swirls around the coalition toilet bowl this government moves ever close to the political S bend of politics and will soon be headed for the sewerage depot where its policies originated, ashes to ashes , dust to dust and sewerage to sewerage is its epitaph and never to be reflushed is its fate

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