Reinstate Daily Mail journo: union. The journalists' union wants Daily Mail Australia to reinstate the journalist who was sacked for calling reality TV stars "vapid cunts" in an apparently un-subedited piece published to the website on Sunday. The MEAA has written to management, calling for April Glover to be given her job back. MEAA media director Katelin McInerney said in a statement that the decision was "incredibly harsh and unfair". "(It) points to failings in the Daily Mail Australia's editorial processes that should have been in place to prevent the publication of errors," she said. McInerney said the incident showed the pressures that journalists face working for digital publications, where there are often large workloads, little training for young staff and an absence of editorial oversight.

McInerney wouldn't confirm how many union members are in the Daily Mail Australia newsroom, but said they had been in touch with Glover. The Daily Mail Australia apologised for the offensive language, but would not comment earlier this week further on its editorial processes.