Apr 18, 2018

Is Channel Seven the right place for Andrew Denton’s new interview show?

If you were hoping for the scintillating interviews of Denton's ABC days, you might be disappointed.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

At a time of night when I should have been relaxing on the sofa, glass in hand, I found myself bolt upright in front of Andrew Denton’s new television program on Seven: Interview. For the first ten minutes of the show, I was in a blind panic; “Who are these women? Are they sisters? And why are they on television?”

A quick Google told me that Bronte and Cate Campbell were two sisters who had just won swimming medals at the Commonwealth Games. Wasn’t Channel Seven the host broadcaster for the Games? Suddenly, it all made sense -- Denton’s new show had been promoted on social media as “Andrew Denton is back. Interview after the Commonwealth Games.” This one must have been imposed on him by Seven chairman Kerry Stokes.

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19 thoughts on “Is Channel Seven the right place for Andrew Denton’s new interview show?

  1. York City

    I had programmed my commercial TV ad buster recorder to start this show next week. It was setup per the marketing information at the time I programmed it. Could the trashy subject have been added as a last minute Games filler? I’ll be deleting it now and not recording next week either. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Margot Saville

      It may have been a slow week – perhaps give a viewing is so subjective

  2. bref

    Thanks for the heads up, Margot.

    1. Margot Saville

      thanks for reading

  3. Coral SeeNQ

    I missed this one fortunately by the sounds of it. I saw Robert Plant interviewed by Charlie Rose on Bloomberg a couple of months before the bonfire. It was a fabulous interview. Charlie was flawed and always tried to let it slip how hip and knowledgeable he was but he did some great stuff. So I don’t think it’s the format I think it’s the interviewer and the setting. This one sounds totally wrong.

    1. Margot Saville

      there were some good bits in it, I’m just not a natural commercial tv viewer, I’m afraid

  4. ScoDo

    Last time Denton went to Seven it didn’t seem to fit either. There’s something about his style that creates it’s own pace and rhythm that draws viewers in. The ads just break the spell.

    1. Margot Saville

      that’s interesting, I didn’t watch it last time around on 7. I still don’t know the ratings, must check

  5. AR

    It is a mystery why Denton, the consummate TV genius, would cast budgie seed, never mind his pearls before the swine of commercial television.
    It suggests that the guthried ABC wasn’t interested.

    1. Margot Saville

      I have no background knowledge of that but I do think he’s a natural ABC broadcaster

  6. DF

    Sadly, this one will not make it into my place. I watch commercial TV only for footy (Australian Rules football) and cricket. Otherwise it is ABC and SBS exclusively because not only are the programs on commercial TV vacuous, so are the ads. Sorry Andrew – I liked your stuff on the ABC but I won’t be watching this time around. I hope they are paying you a motza and I hope your exposure to the commercial TV audiences proves at least a little bit transformative.

    1. Margot Saville

      I hope he is well paid, too! Commercial tv can be a brutal place to work, you would hope he is well compensated

  7. Wallywonga

    Channel 7 have this magic naf wand that they wave over everything and everyone they touch. That they maintain reasonable ratings with this strategy (if the ratings are to be believed) is probably the most disturbing thing.
    Old school Denton + channel 7 naf wand = cringeworthy television.

    1. Margot Saville

      I was really gobsmacked by the ads for MKR – it’s so formulaic and staged! Are people watching it for the cooking or the conflict? It’s a mystery..

  8. Arky

    Mick Fanning is probably at least as famous for fighting off a shark attack about 3 years ago as for his highly decorated surfing career, if the name Mick Fanning doesn’t ring a bell to you as a media writer, have you been living in a cave? (a cave where you can watch John Oliver but apparently zero Australian pop culture or current affairs)?

    1. Margot Saville

      I’m actually not a media writer, Arky, but you are probably correct about that cave..

    2. JimmyNecktie

      Well, Arky, it’s not as though Margot would be the poorer for it, being unacquainted with that riveting piece of trivia!

  9. JimmyNecktie

    Andrew has all the sincerity and believability of a saucer of water. After his introducing David Hill at a large function, years ago, with a story about an encounter with a female, in a lift; the man is on the same level as Rodney Rude, as far as I’m concerned.

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