AMP's Anthony 'Jack' Regan leaves the Commonwealth Law Courts Building in Melbourne.

A couple of past statements by Treasurer Scott Morrison now look particularly silly after yesterday's catastrophic royal commission hearing into AMP.

One was just two weeks ago, when -- still in "we don't need no stinkin' royal commission" mode -- he said the commission had so failed to produce anything the government didn't know. One wonders if he still thinks that. Did he know that AMP had lied over 20 times to ASIC? That it had a deliberate policy to keep charging clients for advice even when they weren't receiving any advice, nor was there any adviser to provide it? That AMP knew this was illegal but did it anyway? That the board grossly interfered with an report by a law firm (Clayton Utz, which was apparently fine with the whole process) into the matter that it then presented as "independent" to ASIC? Funny, he stayed awfully quiet about it if he did.