Apr 18, 2018

The AFR’s obsession with Emma Alberici reaches fever pitch

How long will Financial Review readers have to put up with a senior journalist's obsessive writing about the ABC's Emma Alberici?

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Australian Financial Review readers must be wondering how long they have to endure Aaron Patrick's months-long vendetta against Emma Alberici after yet another attempt at a hatchet job today on the ABC journalist. Patrick has doubled down on previous attacks on Alberici in which he has variously criticised her university degree, noted typos in her articles (a dangerous game for any media outlet these days, as typos in Patrick's articles attest) and called for her to be censored.

Today's rant goes on, and on ... and on for 1900 words, in which sins such as having a public speaking career are forensically dissected. Why is Patrick so obsessed with Alberici? There is a clue in a recurring theme in the thousands of words he has typed about her. Alberici is "a woman of considerable self-belief", Patrick opined back in February. He's repeatedly noted her "defiance" of criticism. Today's rant starts off about "the determination that propelled her through the fiercely competitive world of commercial and public television" and suggests the ABC's Ian Verrender "surrendered to the force of the younger woman's personality". 

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13 thoughts on “The AFR’s obsession with Emma Alberici reaches fever pitch

  1. susan winstanley

    thank you Bernard, well said

  2. Nudiefish

    Go get him, Bernard! The AFR is a raving pit of three-piece suited empty blowhards.

  3. leon knight

    Glad I don’t need to read that garbage publication to find out the satisfying news that this boring blowhard is mightily pissed off and feeling defeated.
    Thanks Bernard.

  4. john OCallaghan

    Wow! a journalist actually holding another journalist to account, you dont often see that straying from the herd mentality in this country.. well done!

    1. [email protected]

      He’s not holding her to account, he’s just ranting.

    2. bushby jane

      I took john’s comment to mean that Bernard is holding Aaron Patrick to account!
      I think that AP really believes the trickle down stuff re company tax cuts, he was espousing merits of on The Drum recently. Or maybe he is towing the stutch’s company line……

      1. CML

        If Patrick is writing crap like this…why on earth is he being given a platform for more of the same on the ABC’s The Drum???
        AP is just another Coalition mouth piece writing in the AFR!

  5. zut alors

    Tut tut, Alberici has commited the unpardonable crimes of being a confident female & not cowering to media bullies.

    Patrick sounds like he has a bee in his bonnet & possibly a hefty dose of professional envy. With the attrition of so many experienced & respected journos during these increasingly digitised years, it’s nothing short of a mystery how the less talented survive & continue to be published.

  6. [email protected]

    Many of these journos are obsessed with hating on intelligent women. As for how many words can Patrick spew out about Emma?
    Better ask Yassmin and Gillian Triggs who were subjected to millions of words by a dozen or so rabid right wingers at the deranged Australian.

    The AFR used to be worth reading, these days with Stutch at the helm it’s no better than the Daily Tele or the HUN

    1. Coral SeeNQ

      I think they’re fine with intelligent women. They have some on the right who have fought their way through, but if you disagree with these guys or their view of the way the world should work, destroying you is not enough. In Hilary and Julia’s case they almost had to leave the country or do something that no longer challenges this sort of male, like work with children or charities. I hope when the new crop of women on the left who rise above the parapet have finished their run, they can do as they please.

  7. AR

    Whack, wallop, thump and a stinging slap to end.
    Nicely put, without vitriol or misrepresentation.
    Neolib ideas don’t die but they certainly smell as if they have.

  8. Arky

    “a small think tank, aided by a group of politicised commentators, can undermine government policy and disrupt long-term economic planning”

    He writes that in the AFR, which has all but become the in-house newsletter of the IPA at this point. Did this column appear next to one from John Roskam or was it Rowan Dean that day?

  9. kyle Hargraves

    “Alberici has commited the unpardonable crimes of being a confident female & not cowering to media bullies.”

    It is to be regretted that more than a few in the community (indeed in the above comments) share this view which is quite incorrect. Had Alberici been a former AFL player and self-confessed inappropriate toucher with an ocker accent and a beer gut the reaction from Patrick et al would be the same.

    The matter turns, entirely, on ideology. Keane makes this point, implicitly, with his concluding paragraph. The same could be said for the 2nd to last paragraph. The “supply-siders” have an ideological aversion to government having any role in the economy. The supply-siders “believe” that the market will allocate everything efficiently and hence effectively. No (company) tax is tantamount to no government.

    Concluding, for the sake of brevity, there is one serious fault common to all arguments advocated by the supply-siders – viz, there isn’t a single aspect of their thesis that is supported by (economic) history. At best a close concession might be “user paid” trade training or indeed any training; otherwise their assertions are a-historical.

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