Australian Financial Review readers must be wondering how long they have to endure Aaron Patrick's months-long vendetta against Emma Alberici after yet another attempt at a hatchet job today on the ABC journalist. Patrick has doubled down on previous attacks on Alberici in which he has variously criticised her university degree, noted typos in her articles (a dangerous game for any media outlet these days, as typos in Patrick's articles attest) and called for her to be censored.

Today's rant goes on, and on ... and on for 1900 words, in which sins such as having a public speaking career are forensically dissected. Why is Patrick so obsessed with Alberici? There is a clue in a recurring theme in the thousands of words he has typed about her. Alberici is "a woman of considerable self-belief", Patrick opined back in February. He's repeatedly noted her "defiance" of criticism. Today's rant starts off about "the determination that propelled her through the fiercely competitive world of commercial and public television" and suggests the ABC's Ian Verrender "surrendered to the force of the younger woman's personality".