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Apr 16, 2018

Closing Ceremony damage control … The Oz’s amazing readership … Daily Fail …

The Commonwealth Games organisers are in damage control after their host broadcaster NEP failed to show footage of any athletes parading into last night's Closing Ceremony.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Closing ceremony damage control. Seven Network presenters, commentators and athletes have worked themselves into a frenzy overnight over the host broadcaster NEP's failure to show images of athletes parading into last night's Closing Ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, Australian rights holder Seven's hosts Johanna Griggs and Basil Zempilas were at pains to advise viewers that the decision not to show athletes lay, not with Seven, but with NEP.

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4 thoughts on “Closing Ceremony damage control … The Oz’s amazing readership … Daily Fail …

  1. The Curmudgeon

    It’s now clear why Peter Beattie got the gig- world champion at apologising for stuff-ups.

  2. gjb

    Yes classic Peter Beattie, the grinning face of poor decision making and political spin… the consummate bullshit artist who broke Qld, a total two faced prick

  3. AR

    Peter Beattie, is the exemplar, the ne plus ultra exponent of making mea culpa a victory speech.
    He would give the demagogue in 1984, who turned mid sentence on the hustings from Eurasia being the enemy to it all being a Eastasia plot, a run for his money with that trade mark shit-eating grin and shining empty dome.

  4. Desmond Graham

    Opening ceremony – a volunteer accompanying foreignVIP was asked – What is this all about?
    The city – exodus of the 1/3 population – to all points south & North [Sydney , Melbourne ,Tassie, Sunshine Coast] and overseas-the States , Bali – anywhere but Gold Coast.
    The residents of Currumbin – imprisoned in their own homes for 3 days – allowed out at 3:00am return by 7:00
    Businesses- worst trading in memory – at least Joh budgeted for the expected downturn by Brisbane Expo in the 1988 and compensated small businesses .
    Well known economist and paid health gadget commentator – Dawn Fraser – makes expert prediction of a huge financial windfall of visitors. Simple maths show the combined losses of business will never be regained – so just mark up small business suffering!

    The workers have lost their Xmas holiday entitlements as they have forced to take their leave for the Games .
    Wow! Australia has won a huge amount of medals- competing against teams from second rate countries – One cycling team bought their bicycles from Amart sports store when they arrived.
    60% of the private security guards left stuffed up by GOLDDOC – the venues were saved by Police and the experienced military personnel. Any idiot should have left the security arrangements to the Queensland Police Service and the military – QPS have the experience from organising G20 and are the recognised experts within their field.
    By the end the finale – 75% [3/4] of the seats in the stadium were empty, only Delhi had long speeches and were shorter than the final Gold Coast speeches – what entertainment? a reunion of TV contestants.
    Finally if anyone short lists people with a surname Beattie and Porter for any other jobs give the venue a wide birth – it is sure to be a monumental stuff up!

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