Apr 13, 2018

The truth about the ‘Labor mole’ hiding within the Greens

The inclusion of certain names on the formal complaint against Alex Bhathal gets more curious by the day.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Ever since the mainstream media splashed the story of an internal Greens’ complaint against Batman candidate Alex Bhathal (a month after Crikey broke the story), rumours have been running wild of a Labor "mole" within the Greens in the Darebin branch.

The story doesn’t check out, per se, and appears to have been a ghost meme from that time, long ago, when former Batman member David Feeney was seen as a wily factional operator rather than a hopeless booby who almost lost Labor the inner city.

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11 thoughts on “The truth about the ‘Labor mole’ hiding within the Greens

  1. ken chapman

    Yep always work within the system to bring it down

  2. inner city elite

    well I agree, expel them immediately. Maybe the problem is the Greens have this idiotic holier than thou opinion of themselves as a political party, perhaps best described as “Greens Exceptionalism”. This dynamic is most hilariously highlighted by declarations from Greens supporters that “there are no factions in the Australian Greens”. PFFFFFTTTTT. STFU losers, Greens are a another political party like any other, factions emerge in all political groupings. Drop this crap and you can move on, expel these idiots and get back to the mission of pushing for ecological third-way politics under RDN, or whatever it is the Greens are trying to do these days.

    1. rebel just for kicks

      there’s more than 16 /18 idiots in The Greens.

  3. Nudiefish

    Trying hard to remain interested in this sort of inner-sanctum gossip inside political parties and failing hard.

  4. [email protected]

    Way too much made of very little and it was always clear the ALP were behind this gossip, and the racist AGE and HUn were only too happy to oblige – the MSM in Australia hate the Greens because they hold up a mirror to their lazy racist ignorant rantings.

  5. Arky

    You’ve got way too inside baseball on this one (and you’ve started to forget again to include the disclosure in these pieces that you’re a close friend of Bhathal with all the lack of objectivity that implies).

    I really don’t think this complaint against Bhathal mattered a great deal in people’s votes. Source: Have known plenty of wavering Greens voters, and party unity has never been the stated reason for voting or not voting Green.

    The idea that Labor deployed Ged Kearney because they had knowledge of this internal complaint against Bhathal which went absolultely nowhere is just laughable, or that some tiny straw like this would be the difference between fighting for Batman and abandoning it (when was the last time Labor just abandoned a seat they currently hold, exactly?)…. grasping at straws there Guy to find a way to blame the loss on skullduggery instead of just accepting voters didn’t go for the Greens on this occasion.

    Labor deployed Keneally in Bennelong which was never all that close, then got her in via the senate. Labor wanted to get Kearney into Parliament and this was a perfect opportunity.

  6. CML

    Who’d have thunk it……its all Labour’s fault!!!!!
    Guy…you are beginning to sound like the bloody Coalition.

  7. AR

    Thanks to grundle for providing us with a lens through which to read his reportage of this matter.

  8. Barry Reynolds

    WTF is going on at Crikey? Is someone slipping certain substances in their morning smoko latte’s? The piffle that has been trotted out of late makes Crikey look more and more like some second rate news corpse publication or the “modern” version of Truth

  9. Myki Smith

    What a piss-weak article. Come on Guy, show some fortitude and name names. No? Well then let me help you. The 4 greens councillors are:
    Kim Le Cerf.
    Steph Amir.
    Trent McCarthy.
    Susanne Newton.

  10. [email protected]

    The claim to have abolished factions was first credibly made by Joseph Stalin: in his case, his critics and opponents ended up with a bullet in the head in the basement of the Lubyanka or, if they were lucky, somewhere in the Gulag.
    A grown-up political party like Labor can accommodate factional differences and very rarely resorts to the blunt instrument of expulsion. Traditionally, malcontents have gone off to join Trotskyist and other utopian left splinter organisations; these days the destination of choice seems to be the Greens Political Party.
    The Greens’ claim that they don’t have factions must now be seen as utterly laughable.

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