Apr 10, 2018

Why having star journalists is risky for the ABC

Unlike most networks, the ABC has to be cautious when a star journalist emerges among its ranks. Unsurprisingly, it's all about playing politics.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

All TV networks and news outlets have their own star journalists -- reporters who are more than just reporters, who are promoted by their employers as evidence of its hard news credentials. Think Laurie Oakes, Jana Wendt, Sarah Ferguson, Hugh Riminton, Kate McClymont, Chris Uhlmann.

When the commercial networks and news outlets have their star journalists go rogue or cause a stir, there might be a bit of a PR mess (see: Karl Stefanovic). There might be ratings to deal with, there are advertisers and shareholders to consider, not to mention regulators.

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9 thoughts on “Why having star journalists is risky for the ABC

  1. zut alors

    ABC’s Antony Green is in a unique position as he deals in facts based solely on numbers. These numbers are officially reported by the AEC, after the declaration of the poll they cannot be challenged.

    Hence there can be no allegations or criticism that Green is distorting facts or using them selectively. Doubtless he’s the envy of his colleagues.

  2. GrahamJones1

    “articles containing nine errors and omissions were published.”
    What are these errors? The AFR wrote several articles critical of Alberici but none actually pointed to these alleged errors. Is this article byEmily Watkins simply following that template? It would seem to me that, like the AFR journo, the author of this piece of puffery knows little about economics!

  3. GrahamJones1

    To be fair to Emma, the fact-checking of Alberici was not the point of her article. The source of the alleged errors was the Senate Estimates referred to by our ABC . These were essentially ‘misleading statements’ ‘generalisations’ etc. Poor rather lazy journalism perhaps, but the conclusion as to corporate tax cuts not leading to wage increases was quite accurate in terms of research literature. The criticism smacked of smear techniques eg find an irrelevant error then use that to denigrate the whole!

  4. CML

    Emily…who said there were “nine errors and omissions…” in the articles by Emma Alberici? Most independent economist’s analysis I’ve read couldn’t find anything wrong with them…including the business journalists at the ABC.
    Are you sure the ABC isn’t talking about said errors and omissions which the federal government DIDN’T like? That doesn’t change the FACTS…it just makes the whole issue POLITICAL!!

  5. brian crooks

    Emma Alberici was castigated simply because she told the truth and the now Murdoch controlled ABC cannot have that, it is now just an arm of the news corp propaganda machine and rupert will not allow the truth about trumbles lies regarding his tax cuts for his rich mates and multi national benefactors get any publicity, and he`ll replace trumble when he`s ready and not before, so Dutton will have to be patient till Rupert anoints him .

  6. Kenneth Piaggio

    I am confused. Is the author saying that Emma A is a Star Journalist, and that she has gone Rogue? Or is she an ABC Journalist with not a real lot of Economic credentials who, although did not get a lot wrong, (unlike Chris Ulhmann in his faulty reporting of the South Australian ‘black outs’ last year, before he got his new job) did made comments that the ABC’s funders ‘thought’ were rogue comments?
    Is this Muller fellow saying that Emma A had gone Rogue?
    It seems that one of the two sources of comment for this article comes across as a bit ‘light weight’ and has the common journalist tendency toward ‘fluff’, padding and ‘motherhood statements’.
    The other commentator speaks from a position of principle about the role of good, courageous and supportive management, the promoting of mentally stimulating ideas that create thought and debate, and the role the ABC must play in our society.
    The title of this article was promising, ‘it’s all about playing politics’ but the article barely touched on it. What a shame.

  7. leon knight

    The ABC continues to disappoint with repeated capitulations to LNP and MSM bullying, and endless false balance (eg. Way too much time given to obvious propaganda peddlars from the IPA).
    I expected more incisive commentary from Dempster….why doesn’t he call out the bullshit at the ABC and encourage their journalists to show some courage (yes you Cassidy, Jones and Trioli).

  8. Suzie_darling

    Saw the title and read the article and (is it just me?), nothing was said.

    Quotes from others and…..

  9. Lee Tinson

    All the criticism of the article was done by people with their own barrow to push. Essentially proponents of the completely discredited trickle down lies. That includes those snivelling cowardly pollies who hide behind parliamentary privilege.

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