Apr 10, 2018

Kevin Rudd wants you to know he is extremely cranky

Kevin Rudd may be having trouble letting go of the past, if a recent series of fiery letters and tweets is anything to go by.

Meg Watson — Associate editor

Meg Watson

Associate editor

Readers of the The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, and all of the internet were treated to some angry thoughts from a former prime minister this morning -- and no, this time it wasn't Abbott. Kevin Rudd has had two letters to the editor published in today's major newspapers, and also sent a tweet for good measure.

In the SMH, Rudd takes aim at Tony Wright's implicit assertion he was axed for inaction on climate change. Quietly slipped beneath a one-line jab about the ATO from Susan in Lithgow, Rudd's letter lists his government's legislative action "for the record" including the introduction of the renewable energy target, the Kyoto Protocol and Copenhagen Accord.

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10 thoughts on “Kevin Rudd wants you to know he is extremely cranky

  1. Paul Guy

    Piss off Kevin, you are sounding like Mark Latham.
    And I voted for you in 2007. I’ve still got the T-shirts.

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    But he did drop the ball on climate change, the defining challenge of our generation, and wouldn’t go to a double dissolution election when he would have won with spare change, and thereby set about the disaster of Abbott.

    Gillard was a far more effective PM and politician, and that must grate. Worst of all, Labor might still be in government if he had the courage of his convictions. Instead, we have a dozen mostly lost years, apart from the early Rudd years and a very productive minority government that created Gonski and the NDIS.

    1. AR

      I was going to say that your first para. was bang on.
      Then your second was even better.

  3. Hunt Ian

    Yes, Rudd should fall quiet. He was not sacked for losing polls but for autocratic tendencies and lack of the modesty required for timely correction of mistakes.
    But he was right about many things- the apology being the best- and is absolutely right about how second rate ( Godwin Gretch) Turnbull is. Turnbull has not disappointed me as I had no expectations.

  4. [email protected]

    Can we all come to an arrangement? If you guys in the media just ignore this pompous twat he just might go away. Then, maybe, he will be forced to inflict self serving drivel on poor foreign ”folks” who don’t know him. I remember a Labor member once said, ”If you like Kevin you don’t know him” I voted Labor until this treacherous troll took over. Can’t he just go away?

  5. RL

    Geez you have a cheek Kevin.
    You had your chance, you piked out, wouldn’t accept what happened, wrecked Gillard’s chances to govern effectively and set the country up for the LNP and a senate full of great minds.
    Your work really is done mate.

  6. AR

    There is a musical to be written about how a man & woman who could not have had less in common burst upon the scene, toppled the old order of the Unflushable Turd – recently exhumed but that’s another brain snap – surfed to office on a tsunami of goodwill and blew it.
    Plenty of comedy amid the tragedy, this one could run & run.

  7. [email protected]

    Why shouldnt he express his opinion? As a Prime minister he did some great things, but most importantly he is a political intellectual with tremendous knowledge and experience, as well as insight into China. If we were talking about rAbbott, well I would bang on as well, dry up loser etc, because he has nothing to offer really.

  8. kyle Hargraves

    Agreed: First two paragraphs are fine; the last erases the merit of the first two. Is it the case that Crikey doesn’t engage in “sniping and political bickering”? While such doesn’t appear in every article the practice is not unknown. Lastly, “Julia’s version” may (or may not) be becoming accepted but the matter is not without 3rd party research. Julia’s version as to her former employment and transfer of Union funds isn’t at all creditable!

    Rudd suffers from the delusion (qua his nano management of everything) that there is only one genius in this world and that is Kevin. Otherwise he is ok. His recent address to the cadets at West Point [China being the principal subject] was first class (pun excepted).

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