Apr 5, 2018

Government strangely silent on Alinta’s Beijing connections

The government is hostile to Chinese investment in Australian electricity interests -- until it is desperate for a political fix, then anything goes.

Bernard Keane ā€” Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

In 2016, the Turnbull government was adamant that two Chinese companies bidding for the NSW government's electricity distribution network, Ausgrid, should not be allowed to buy the majority stake on offer from the Baird government for national security reasons. Scott Morrison said at the time:

... the foreign investment proposals put to me for this transaction are contrary to the national interest, in accordance with the required provision on the grounds of national security ... In particular, during the review process national security issues were identified in critical power and communications services that Ausgrid provides to businesses and governments.

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3 thoughts on “Government strangely silent on Alinta’s Beijing connections

  1. old greybearded one

    It is a nitwitt idea now as at all other times. Any nation which allows foreign ownership of major vital infrastructure such as the power grid is run by morons, especially potential enemy ownership. Why Alinta would want to buy Liddell is a mystery so one suspects a crooked deal, or some kind of new donation.

  2. Pollietragic

    Thanks Bernard, your digging in to the the recent Chinese owners of Alinta reveals the shabby hypocrisy of this Govt. Isn’t this what we seek from journalism?
    3 of the 4 Liddell power generators were commissioned by 1972. AGL planned to exit them by 2022, 50 years later. Like many of Oz coal fired power generators, I understand they are well past their operational ‘Use By’ date, and overseas countries decommission their coal fired power plants well before 50 years.
    So in comes Alinta, with Turnbull saying today the power plant is good for a few more years. Short term, hypocritical, contradictory, and politically opportunist … no surprises there, standard LNP approach. Pass the oxygen, please.

  3. AR

    A nice, brief and pertinent article BK.
    It’s almost as if this government is morally & ethically MIA and dumb as a sack of rocks. Or utterly corrupt.
    Oh, wait…

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