Apr 5, 2018

What does the Commonwealth Games media boycott actually mean?

Fairfax and News Corp are both 'boycotting' the Commonwealth Games' official media accreditation process, but that hasn't stopped them dedicating an enormous amount of pages to the event.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Commonwealth Games

You might have heard that the country's two biggest news outlets are boycotting the Commonwealth Games. But looking at the Fairfax and News Corp newspapers and websites today, there's plenty of coverage of the Gold Coast event.

The Gold Coast Bulletin's eight-page picture wrap-around covering last night's opening ceremony in today's paper is almost entirely wire service images from Getty, and social photos taken outside the stadium.

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7 thoughts on “What does the Commonwealth Games media boycott actually mean?

  1. Venise Alstergren

    There’s something incredibly récherché about the Commonwealth Games. For some reason I expect the male swimmers to be wearing one piece neck-almost to the knees-bathing suits. And the games are banal to the point of idiocy. Whether it’s because QLD is holding them, or because the competitors know they’re only there by default-because they weren’t good enough to try for the Olympics.
    Well I certainly won’t be watching amateurisville.

    1. Nudiefish

      Nice little unnecessary kick in the crotch for Queensland. Well done! Hope that it makes you feel a tad smug, you twirp.

    2. PaulM

      Look again. Many of the athletes competing are also Olympians (ok, so netball and bowls aren’t Olympic sports). As for your snarky comment “amateursville”, it’s all about participation and trying you best, not trying to make as much money as you can along the way. Have you notice how noticed what great role models our professional (definitetly not amateurs) men’s cricket team has been lately

      1. Venise Alstergren

        If our cricket team are not amateurs, why do they behave like amateurs?

  2. Desmond Graham

    I have been told there has been an exodus of about a quarter of the Gold Coast population to take holidays-elsewhere to get away. The Commonwealth is mainly made of the type countries that President Donald Trump has already described graphically- so there won’t be any financial benefit of the Gold Coast – hotels which usually have 90% occupancy are around 60%. and to top it off the team managers are officially called ‘chef de mission’ – the dumb organisers haven’t realised Commonwealth Games refers to the British Commonwealth all of whom actually speak English as their language. So far I haven’t seen in the history books that French was even the second language of the old British Empire.

  3. AR

    As with the cricket & footie, the baleful effect commercialism has on sport surely reached peak stupid when the sponsors refuse to allow the wrong sort of fast food, enforced with security screening, to intrude into the sacred venues.
    Similarly with reportage, images are copyright and there seems to be an attempt to do with the same with words.
    What next, journos. ’embedded’? Coz that worked a treat for truth or even verisimilitude in Iraq.

  4. Mike Smith

    Boycott is spin talk for “we lost the bid” then?

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