Apr 4, 2018

Abbott and his Monash morons should quit the Libs

Tony Abbott isn't merely destabilising Malcolm Turnbull, he's trashing his party's values. And his history shows he simply doesn't believe in the most basic ideas of the Liberal Party.

Bernard Keane ā€” Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

What does it mean to be a Liberal? For all the talk of "broad church" and balancing liberals and conservatives, there are surely some basic ideas about which anyone who is a member of that party agrees: a commitment to individual freedom, an instinctive preference for the workings of the market over the interventions of government, support for the rule of law and protection of private property, and a belief that government should be kept as small as possible while still meeting the needs of the community that it serves.

The "Monash Forum" is more aimed at destabilising Malcolm Turnbull than at generating -- so to speak -- a debate about energy policy. Abbott has done this before -- waiting until Newspoll is in the field before launching another strike at Turnbull, often via his mates at News Corp. The usual suspects are involved -- Tony Abbott, aided and abetted by his partners in alliterative alienation, Abetz and Andrews; Nationals buffoon George Christensen; the fatuous Craig Kelly; plus there's the debut in destabilisation of former Nats leader Barnaby Joyce.

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17 thoughts on “Abbott and his Monash morons should quit the Libs

  1. zut alors

    Abbott’s often contradictory behaviour is testament to the fact that he’s the most dangerously driven & narcissistic PM we have suffered in living memory. Sure, Rudd can be accused of being driven & narcissistic but he was not dangerous (the exception being in the case of banished refugees).

    Rudd was logical whereas Abbott is opportunistically fanciful.

  2. pritu

    The old DLP appears to be running the Liberal Party, has been for a fair while. Bob Santamaria must be chuckling, wherever he is hanging out now.

    1. rhwombat

      Yep. The Cycling Smeagol was one of Santa’s Little Helpers at Sydney University, and hasn’t the nous to change. He’s a Phalangist.

  3. Dog's Breakfast

    Hard to argue with the thrust of the article, except for pointing out that the Liberals don’t have policies, only ideologies and dogmas.

    But had to laugh at the suggestion that privatising electricity generation has proven to be such a winner. Hard to see how anyone who has watched what happened could see that as a success. Hilarious.

    1. Gram Stoker

      Good policies require experience, intellect and analysis – all in short supply in the LNP

    2. Zeke

      I also thought the comment by Bernard to be ridiculous. The reason we’ve been gouged in NSW by increase power prices is because the government engaged in gold plating the network for private sale. No doubt after the sale and the inevitable run down we’ll have to buy it back at a huge loss to the taxpayer and again rebuild it at a huge cost to the taxpayer while the private owners enjoy our money in their offshore tax havens.

    3. AR

      Being BK means never having to acknowledge neolib nonsense.
      Over 30 years ago SA led the way with privatising electricity and thereby having the highest prices in the country but did that stop the other states making the same mistake?
      Reality doesn’t get a start.

    4. kyle Hargraves

      Extend that initiative to airports. General Aviation/Regional Aviation ought to be a big deal in a country this size without a train service deserving of the name. GA operators who ran businesses successfully for decades are being removed from the market by irrational rents placed by the new private owners. Strike up a conversation with a charter operator or flying school (anywhere where the airport has been privatised) and ask if there has been an increase or a decline in airport safety management or maintenance. Without knowing anything of aviation some readers will be able to anticipate the answer in advance.

      As an aside, I’ve just looked : one can be in Beijing from Shenzhen (2,000km) in 9 (just under) hours for about A$100 in a very comfortable seat or about A$450 in a seat equating with first class on a Qantas A330. Its on a website and I also write from experience. Including the six stops the average speed is about 220km/hr. Such is typical in China. The train systems in Oz/NZ are barley 3rd world. South Africa is superior (and Egypt, 1st class, not that far behind).

  4. brian crooks

    please dont criticise abbott he`s doing a wonderful job destroying the conservative ultra right in australian politics, like the snake that ate itself he`s saving shorten the effort, I doubt if shorten could have gotten this far without abbotts help and now he`s got barnaby helping as well, both these embittered old conservatives now have one mission in life and thats destroying turnbull, god bless em.

  5. EG

    No, please let them stay in the intestines of the Libs and the Nats to continue gnawing away from within.

  6. Arky

    Ah, Bernard Bernard Bernard. Still clinging to the idea that the Liberal Party is a party based around certain ideas of the role of government and the markets.

    If the Liberal Party stands for something, it is reactionary social conservatism plus croney capitalism. All pretence at ideals falls away when something threatens the party’s big business mates, because donors to the party and jobs and boards after politics for the party’s MPs and staffers are all that matters. So too, all pretence at standing up for the “rights of the individual” has always fallen away where that conflicts with conservative social views.

    This is almost as bad as the continuing pretence by many journalists that the Liberals are a “centre right” party.

    1. gerald butler

      Aye, ‘Tis a broad church but beware of what comes crawlin’ out of the crypt. Tony and the gang are on the loose again with the beet rooter protecting the flanks.

  7. Roger Clifton

    A Liberal policy? Any emissions trading scheme legitimises a criminal activity. One carbon criminal is paying another not to do what neither of them should have been doing in the first place. Now we know the damage emissions cause, we should be taxing the practice out of existence.

  8. old greybearded one

    How dare they use the word Monash, who was innovative, forward looking, thoughtful and meticulous in planning. The antithesis of these dimwits. The problems with our electricity supply have been created by coalition governments trying to keep their rich mates richer.

  9. kyle Hargraves

    If one spent a few hours in either the British Library or the London Library or the National Art Library (all in London) one, ably assisted by any of the very knowledgeable librarians, could read the speeches and letters of (The Honourable) Mr Charles James Fox (who, inter alia, supported the American colonists). Having spent most of his (almost) forty years in Opposition he had some understanding of his fellows.

    Declaring in a letter that “some in the House had a genuine desire to serve their country most were here to line their pockets”. So what has changed ? Oh, of course, salaries. MPs, in England, but the principle followed quickly throughout the Empire, commenced (only) in 1906. Prior to that year MPs were paid 40 guineas per annum which was about the salary of a mid-grade domestic servant. Possible solution : basic expenses (acknowledged since Henry III) and the minimum wage as remuneration.

    Some might recall the (physical) brawl that occurred at Gorton’s funeral. Hawke, no stranger to stouches, exclaimed, I have it on some authority, “Jesus, they [the Libs] are great haters aren’t they?]

    The Libs in Oz are in the same predicament at the Conservatives in England. The status quo prevails because neither the Libs or the Conservatives wish to make the matter worse (by attempting an initiative that, ultimately, fails).

    Indeed, what does it mean to be Liberal?

  10. David Irving (no relation)

    I’d dispute your assertion that power generation (and other utilities which happen to also be natural monopolies) shouldn’t be in public hands. The evidence that the private sector has fucked it up way worse than government ever did is overwhelming.

    1. kyle Hargraves

      I think you have made an error in placing you post David. The content certainly isn’t related to me. I have never made any such assertion. I am only too aware of the fiascos that have occurred in NZ over ‘privatisation’ of natural monopolies. The tax payer is definitely worse of for the initiatives to say nothing of the opportunity cost of the ventures. Thanks to (former Minister for Finance) Roger Douglas the Kiwis discovered neoLib prior to anyone else (and were the worse for it).

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