What does it mean to be a Liberal? For all the talk of "broad church" and balancing liberals and conservatives, there are surely some basic ideas about which anyone who is a member of that party agrees: a commitment to individual freedom, an instinctive preference for the workings of the market over the interventions of government, support for the rule of law and protection of private property, and a belief that government should be kept as small as possible while still meeting the needs of the community that it serves.

The "Monash Forum" is more aimed at destabilising Malcolm Turnbull than at generating -- so to speak -- a debate about energy policy. Abbott has done this before -- waiting until Newspoll is in the field before launching another strike at Turnbull, often via his mates at News Corp. The usual suspects are involved -- Tony Abbott, aided and abetted by his partners in alliterative alienation, Abetz and Andrews; Nationals buffoon George Christensen; the fatuous Craig Kelly; plus there's the debut in destabilisation of former Nats leader Barnaby Joyce.