Stockmarket trading for March ends on Friday night around the world (and a day earlier where Easter is celebrated) but it is already clear that instead of riding the so-called "Trump Bump", as Trump apologists once claimed, markets around the world are facing some of their biggest losses for years. 

The Dow is down nearly 4.8% so far in March. The S&P 500, the key global measure for investors (all other markets use it to compare their performance globally) is down 4% so far this month -- a 6.4% slump back in March, 2001, as the tech- and net- boom was collapsing, is the previous worst monthly performance. The Nasdaq is off more than 4% as well -- it has led markets lower as the so-called Super Techs have slumped. Courtesy of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook shares have slid 13% so far this month, but Apple is also down 4.8%, Microsoft 3.7%, Netflix 2%, Alphabet (Google) 6% and Twitter and Tesla both off around 22% (yes, 22%). Collectively, the loss of value has been well over US$400 billion in the past few days.