Mar 28, 2018

It isn’t just greedy corporations using and abusing your private data

Businesses, charities, advocacy groups and activists are far from innocent in this system.

Timothy Singleton Norton and David Paris

Chair, Digital Rights Watch / Board member, Digital Rights Watch

The Cambridge Analytica revelations have spawned outrage across the world, as well they should. The mass manipulation of millions of individual Facebook users, psychometric profiling to reveal potential pressure points, micro-targeted advertising and black-ops electoral interference are certainly something worthy of the headlines.

As the full impact of this washes over the US, other countries are also questioning the level to which a data-mining startup has sought to influence their own democratic independence. Australian citizens are understandably asking whether they have been targeted through manipulative techniques.

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7 thoughts on “It isn’t just greedy corporations using and abusing your private data

  1. Dog's Breakfast

    I’m on board, except for the bit about ‘holding them to account’. Can’t see how that can be done. I am entirely disenfranchised in this subject.

    While the government was enacting laws for telcos to hold on to all their ‘metadata’ for two plus years, I was arguing that we should have legislation demanding companies expunge all records more than 6 months old. I didn’t win that argument. Any suggestions?

  2. Arskin Fertrubble

    Tell me about it! Last week we add a few dollars to a crowd funding scheme that is now starting to smell a bit; the idea was to built an energy retailer servicing Solar Only clients
    Eversince we have been getting calls from some mob wanting to advise us about solar rebates. They usually hang up first when you ask them for their ABN.

  3. 2bobsworth

    The Abbott/Turnbull LNP Government grab for data retention in the national census was a wake up call for most thinking citizens.
    Why was Mr Morrison was so confident he could get $billions out of welfare recipients with his new found cross referencing tools and robo debt letters?

    1. AR

      a wake up call for most thinking citizens” and therein lies the problem.

  4. Stu Pidman

    Nothing to hide, nothing to worry about. Accurate data may lead to better political and business decision making. Decisions should not be made without supporting data. It’s not the data, it’s the use of it.

  5. Stu Pidman

    PS…as long as it’s anonymous I’m in favour of data being shared.

  6. AR

    There is only one tiny hope for the private citizen is the onrushing security state – copyright of own data.
    Oh look, porcus aviatrix!

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