Mar 27, 2018

Greens Derangement Syndrome spreads to the right wing’s pre-frontal cortex!

It seems Greens Derangement Syndrome also affects the right-wing mind's capacity to perform basic mathematical/psephological analysis.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


"Richard Di Natale is no Einstein" Nick Cater opines in The Australian, meaning ... oh, we’ll get to that bat-fart crazy bit later. In the meantime, in his review of the Batman byelection, Cater has got his psephology and his maths horribly, horribly wrong. A minor matter of itself, it shows how the right mishandles science, to their own ends:

The party may be divided and its ambitions may have been thwarted in the byelection in Batman, but in inner-city silos close to major universities its support is, if anything, increasing.

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12 thoughts on “Greens Derangement Syndrome spreads to the right wing’s pre-frontal cortex!

  1. zut alors

    Ok, you’ve got me, Rundle. Which pronunciation of ‘reservoir’ prompts hilarity?

  2. NiciL

    The Melbourne suburb of Reservoir is pronounced not like the water tanks therein – reservwar – but like nothing else – rezavwor.
    Or you can fudge it and say Rezza.

  3. thelorikeet

    Surely the pairwise comparison Cater should have used is {proximate artisnal bakery} versus {proximate franchise hot bread}. But I didn’t make a daily contribution to Sir Rupert’s empire so I am forced to trust Crikey!. Fortunately they are not ned to me

    1. thelorikeet

      oops “dead to me”

      1. Mike Smith

        Better Ned than red? 🙂

        Perhaps a good one Einstein comparison with Cater would be Young Einstein.

  4. AR

    We get it, grundle doesn’t like Cratered but this sort of tedious exegesis is uncomfortably close to mimicking his other bete noir, Gerontius.

  5. covenanter

    The right wing mind targetted by the Australian is the new Catholic educated Catholic middle class. Science was never their strong suite, while a wild eyed paranoia about The Greens is almost assured.
    They buy and read The Australian in order to demonstrate their own peculiar intellectual pretensions, and The Australian seeking their money gives this audience what they want.
    It is pathetic, but understandable as a group, long denied a place in the modern western democratic discourse by their religious masters, struggles to fit in with that tradition.
    That their “handlers” prefer to traduce that tradition is a given, of course.
    In short they “receive” articles on The Greens in The Australian merely to confirm their conservative prejudices; certainly no-one else would read them for news.
    See Gerard Henderson’s book “Menzies’ Child” on how the above demographic was welcomed into the Liberal party by John Howard, based upon demographics, the same demographics which led The Australian to give them what they want to read, with the example of the endlessly embarrassing “Abbott Bro”, Greg Sheridan “Pontificating” on Australia’s foreign policy, as if the foreign recipients of his drivel are not perfectly aware of its glaringly narrow sectarian origins.

  6. CML

    Despite all the scientific comparisons advantaging the Greens…Labor won the by-election, Guy.
    Could we please stop with the examination of the entrails…and just get over it!
    Who cares what Cater had to say…he is usually wrong!!

    1. Bobby

      Cater is pretty much always wrong.
      Be that as it may it doesn’t change the fact the Greens are circling the drain. How many Senators will they lose at the next half Senate election?

    2. Teddy

      He can’t get over it, CML. The Guy suffers from what we doctors call “The Australian Derangement Syndrome.” Its a rare condition, but sufferers feel compelled to buy the newspaper everyday day at dawn, pour over every paragraph searching for critical references to the Greens, then rush into print on their behalf. The only known remedy to the disease is for the editors of Crikey to stop publishing the pedantically tedious results. For unknown reasons, they seem incapable of doing so.

  7. rebel just for kicks

    “Bhathal and her family, who have run free medical clinics in the suburb they’ve lived in for decades”

    Free homeopathy doesn’t count.

    1. Mike Smith

      Got a link for the homeopath ref?

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