Mar 26, 2018

Packer’s new digs

And so the rather plush rehabilitation of James Packer begins.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


A room at The Pavilion facility

"The rehabilitation of James Packer has begun ..." with news that the billionaire has checked himself into "The Pavilion", the $5000-a-night annex to McLean Hospital in Boston. McLean has an excellent record, though past patients have included Sylvia Plath, so, well, interesting choice, James.

Packer’s check-in -- accompanied by his elderly mother and a business consigliere -- is the latest in the long-running saga of Packer’s mental and spiritual health, elements of which have been dropping into the media at greater frequency for the past six months now.

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8 thoughts on “Packer’s new digs

  1. York City

    The tiniest taste of hell the poor bastards glued on pokies might get.

  2. Nudiefish

    Way too harsh, GR – Doesn’t everybody with mental health issues get $5000 a night stay in an upmarket hospital?

    Fact Check: No, apparently they don’t. As you were, Guy.

  3. EG

    Splendidly re framed Guy.

  4. Dog's Breakfast

    What sort of animal would ask an unwell man about his potential involvement in the corruption of Israeli politics (and isn’t that a high bar to get over)?


  5. MJM

    A $5,000 per night escape from answering awkward questions? Cheap at twice the price.

    Great piece Guy. Crikey is really earning the subscription fee today. Bernard’s piece on “if cricket was politics” is also directly on target and hilarious.

  6. Gordon Sharp

    Yes, he will be clearly too unwell to answer any questions in any inquiry into anything.
    On a brighter note, will Ros Packer’s digs on “The World” cruise liner be available on airbnb whilst she is looking after him in Boston?

  7. AR

    Mine heart breatheth not.
    I despaired that Packer snr was given a State funeral and will regard the canonisation of the mudorc as just same-same.
    Any sympathy for a suffering, stupidly wealthy public figure would be better expended on the many thousands of victims who contributed to his obscene wealth.
    Perhaps the idiot scion could move a couple of levels up from his well deserved spot in the Inferno were he to recompense those who are still alive or, failing that, their surviving families.

  8. Bob the builder

    Well said GRundie.
    Was outraged to see Crikey’s lightweight media reporter file a sob story on Packer the other day.
    What happened to the shitsheet that Crikey once was?

    Oh, but, doesn’t $5000 buy you a lot of tastelessness. Did the interior designer have a hangover and get his lonely great-uncle to do the decorating?

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