Mar 23, 2018

Politicians apparently very keen to demonstrate why they can’t be trusted

Politicians are doing nothing to prove to voters they're worthy of their trust.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Christian Porter

Attorney-General Christian Porter

In a week that started with the governing class patting itself on the back and declaring "Mission Accomplished" in turning back the tide of third parties, Labor and the Liberals served up further evidence of why they've lost the trust of voters and generated growing disillusionment with our political system.

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12 thoughts on “Politicians apparently very keen to demonstrate why they can’t be trusted

  1. Marcus Hicks

    Bernard, I *really* think you’re over-egging the pudding with your frequent references to Victorian Labor. Though what they did was extremely stupid, even the Ombudsman accepted that there was no actual malice involved…..& all the money has since been repaid.
    In NSW, by contrast, you’ve got around a dozen Liberal MP’s forced to resign due to corruption, & the NSW Branch of the Liberal Party denied funding by the AEC due to money-laundering. Also, as you’ve alluded to, you’ve got the Victorian Liberals & their connections to mob bosses, & senior members of the party stealing *millions* of dollars from their own party. So you’ve got blatant stupidity vs blatant criminality. Apples & Oranges.

    1. Robert Smith

      Not sure about the lack of malice part. I think someone in Vic Labor had the bright idea & then the participants were recruited to carry it out.

    2. Arky

      Also one scandal making them the most scandal-plagued government in the country, really? I live in Melbourne. Most of the things the Herald-Sun considers a “scandal” have washed over without a ripple. This one may not, hard to say, but nobody here would consider the Andrews government more scandal-plagued than Turnbull!!

    3. bushby jane

      Sinodinos and Hockey got off scot free from the icac investigations they were implicated in, as did Matthew Guy with that planning rort on Phillip island.
      I think the lack of malice was a quote.

      1. Marcus Hicks

        Not to mention Guy’s meeting with a mob boss for Lobster dinner. I mean, he was caught on tape for Pete’s sake…..yet he is still the Party Leader.

  2. old greybearded one

    Bernard, what a load of rubbish, or do you not get news from NSW? Most scandal plagued Government??? Not while the Libs run NSW. They could not run a chook raffle. Sydney is a gigantic road cutting, decisions are made for which the only conceivable reason would be a bribe of some sort and the bloody light rail form one side of the city can’t use the tracks on the other, they knocked down a memorial avenue for the sake of a few racegoers and spent tens of millions on a pedestrian bridge. Andrews crowd may have got away with a couple of hundred Ks, but Baird and Berejiklian have received millions in rorts designed to circumvent donation laws and apparently the planning act.

  3. AR

    If, as seems ever more likely, T1 & T2 are too sclerotic & immutable to perform the simple functions of government, few as they are such security/safety & organising water supply and drainage, the only rational response from the citizenry is to seek representation elsewhere.

  4. gumshoe

    The Victorian state Labor government has garnered well-deserved repute for getting on with desperately-needed transport infrastructure, albeit with the fortunate availability of income from the PoM lease. And yet I’m moved to rewrite Keane’s statement. Unluckily for Victorians, the community of Victoria is faced with an invidious electoral choice. It is between [1] a government…” that has grown arrogant from its obvious electoral popularity from ‘getting on with it’ (this arrogance most exemplified by Andrews’ defiant, even contumacious personal posture when challenged over such things as self-serving unsolicited transport proposals that sometimes have aspects to them that are far from being in the community’s interest, as much as his government’s flirtation on the fringes of corruption) and [2] an opposition that just presents as ‘more of the same tired old discredited elites’ singing the same lyrics to the same melody we have come so much to hate. Our choice at the election will not be between them, for that is no choice at all. It will be between the establishment of a wholly-new paradigm for government (one that is not predicated on the philosophical tribal apparatus that so enervates these gamers) where the will of the people is paramount, or simply withdrawing from the voting process. So bad has politics become in this country, that it no longer matters who ‘gets in’ and none deserve the privilege of receiving the acclamation that a vote bestows.

  5. [email protected]

    ‘Dud government’ is a bit unfair. There’s a lot going on in Victoria that is pretty good.

  6. CML

    So, Bernard…you think the Labor Party is the only one using public funds to enhance their chances at an election?
    They are ALL at it…those who have the chance…its just that the others haven’t been caught yet! Thanks largely to the powers that be… confining the investigation in Victoria to only one party.
    The apology has been made…the money repaid…GET OVER IT!!

    1. Melbournegirl

      Correct me if I’m wrong…but I think you’ll also find, the Victorian Ombudsman was prevented from including the other parties in her investigation into the volunteers being used during the 2014 election campaign, because it was voted down, so the terms of reference only involved Labor

  7. DanBIllin

    Yeah well so what, wattatheygunnado?

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