Mar 23, 2018

Even paparazzi think the paparazzi have gone too far in Packer coverage

When even a paparazzo thinks you've gone too far, you've probably gone too far.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Among the variously salacious, considered and tangential coverage of James Packer's resignation from Crown for mental health reasons, there was one piece so tawdry that it rankled even veteran paparrazo Jamie Fawcett.

As Packer's mother Roslyn was preparing to fly out of Sydney airport to be with her son, she was followed by a camera, questioned and filmed as she was pushed in a Qantas wheelchair through the airport, with daughter Gretel at her side.

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5 thoughts on “Even paparazzi think the paparazzi have gone too far in Packer coverage

  1. Arky

    There’s a certain amount of irony, given the magazines Packer owned and the current affairs show on the network he owned, to making billionaire Packer the poster boy for invasion of privacy and reporting on alleged mental health issues.

  2. AR

    To paraphrase, “those who live, extremely well, by barrels of ink or whatever pixels come in, die by the aforesaid.”
    That said, Roz would have a case of common assault were what was film to have occurred in this country.

  3. Bobby

    Lol. Imagine for just a moment how many people the Packer family’s magazines, former TV network and Casinos have driven to suicide.
    I have not an ounce of sympathy for the entire clan

  4. Bob the builder

    F*ck off! How many lives have those mongrels trod underfoot?
    I have no interest in the paparazzi’s sordid trade or its results, but what the f*ck is Crikey doing writing a sob story about these vultures?
    Give away the riches they’ve made from their disgraceful antics over the years and I’d have some sympathy for them.
    Until then, let’s have sympathy for the poor and vulnerable, for whom life in the lens will change not one iota if the Packers and their ilk think there’s money to be made from it.

  5. Gordon Sharp

    I know that I’m late nut – exactly the same privacy, respect and dignity that the former Packer press and Channel 9 gave everyone else.

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