What's an ABC story? The ABC released on Friday a review of its news coverage compared to other outlets. Unsurprisingly, it found that the ABC covers more federal and international politics than its commercial competitors, and fewer general interest and "hip-pocket" stories. One of its observations was that there was an "opportunity for the ABC to increase the number of lighter, human or general interest stories it runs without trivialising or 'dumbing down' its (TV and radio) bulletins". There has been regular criticism of the ABC that it is becoming increasingly tabloid in its approach to news. 

Rita Panahi's new Sky gig. Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi is joining Sky News with her very own program. The program will air on Friday afternoons -- called The Friday Show -- and, she said in a statement, "will have the usual mix of politics and current affairs that Sky News viewers know and love but will also include pop culture, social issues and plenty of sporting content".