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Mar 19, 2018

What’s an ABC story? … Panahi’s new Sky gig … how to cover a cyclone …

An internal review at the ABC has found that the national broadcaster focuses more on federal news and less on "hip pocket" stories, prompting recommendations to up the amount of human interest pieces.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

What's an ABC story? The ABC released on Friday a review of its news coverage compared to other outlets. Unsurprisingly, it found that the ABC covers more federal and international politics than its commercial competitors, and fewer general interest and "hip-pocket" stories. One of its observations was that there was an "opportunity for the ABC to increase the number of lighter, human or general interest stories it runs without trivialising or 'dumbing down' its (TV and radio) bulletins". There has been regular criticism of the ABC that it is becoming increasingly tabloid in its approach to news. 

Rita Panahi's new Sky gig. Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi is joining Sky News with her very own program. The program will air on Friday afternoons -- called The Friday Show -- and, she said in a statement, "will have the usual mix of politics and current affairs that Sky News viewers know and love but will also include pop culture, social issues and plenty of sporting content".

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5 thoughts on “What’s an ABC story? … Panahi’s new Sky gig … how to cover a cyclone …

  1. klewso

    Just how far are Rupert’s share-holders prepared to indulge his erotic political fetishism?

  2. bref

    Yet again, tonight. I watched ABC 7.30 story on US gun control or lack thereof, marvelled at the fact that while letting their interviewees get away with the old furphy that ‘they’re trying to repeal the 2nd amendment’ and arguing teachers should be able to be armed, without once mentioning the fact a teacher was apprehended just a couple weeks ago running amok with a gun in a school in Georgia.
    I switched off when they followed that story with another of those interminable, mind numbing medical/human interest/celebrity time filler stories. Why am I not surprised Insiders is beating commercial station rubbish.
    Thank you [god] for the internet.

  3. Irfan Yusuf

    Friday is the day of prayer. I hope Rita’s show isn’t in the early afternoon lest the more devout members of her Iranian Muslim family miss out on seeing her on TV.

    1. Evil Garry

      Just what Sky News needs. Another so-called journalist who makes gibbering right wing morons look intelligent. This would be the same Rita Panahi who, when given the golden opportunity to interview alleged betting syndicate swindler Bill Vlahos a couple of years back, absolutely squibbed it. Her insipid initial questions to Bill were waved away by him with pious platitudes and outright lies, and not once did she call him out on it, or follow up with anything resembling an actual incisive query. I can only imagine the steam that must have been coming out of the ears of her Herald Sun ‘colleague’ Andrew Rule when he read the putrid garbage she served up as investigative journalism that day.

  4. Itsarort

    ‘[the ABC] is becoming increasingly tabloid in its approach to news. ‘ A large dose of castor oil should do the trick.

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