The biggest thing to happen in Canberra for a while happened this week. Andrew Barr, mayor chief minister of Canberra, declared that he hated journalists and was over the mainstream media. Journalists, displaying a remarkable thinness of skin, then declared they hated Andrew Barr back, getting stuck into him on Twitter.

Press Gallery journalists, most of whom are Canberra residents, berated Barr and stood proudly on the Fourth Estate's tradition of speaking truth to power, holding governments to account, etc etc. He was compared to Joh Bjelke-Petersen. One former journalist invoked Stalin. As the response grew more hysterical, you wondered when Barr was going to open a gulag in a Hume warehouse. And The Canberra Times, which was directly attacked by Barr, was particularly aggrieved and compared him to Donald Trump.