Tele's Triggs attack breached standards. Two stories in The Daily Telegraph attacking former Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs for speaking at a Bob Brown Foundation event have breached Australian Press Council standards. In an adjudication published today, the council found that the two articles, including an opinion piece by political reporter Sharri Markson, was misleading in implying the event was a Greens party fundraiser. Further, the Tele didn't publish a correction, did not offer Bob Brown (who made the complaint) an opportunity to respond to claims it published, and was not fair and balanced.

For its part, the Tele has defended its stories in an editorial today, saying it was "a hard decision to understand, to say the least". It warned the Press Council against being "captured by sectional interests in our community": "Like the media organisations it oversees, it must be held to the highest standards, and its determinations should not be subject to ridicule ... In this case, finding that Bob Brown, a man who is synonymous with the Greens cause, is not aligned to the Greens is simply absurd."