Mar 15, 2018

The Age gets it wrong on Bhathal and her backers

The Age has made a couple of key blunders in its Thursday splash on the Batman byelection.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Well, as Crikey predicted, there was a Thursday slam for the Greens in Batman, with a top-of-the-website (for about three hours this morning) story in The Age by Noel Towell, and headlined "The rage inside the Greens machine". A news drop, too! Towell claims a Greens staffer snarled down the phone at him:

"You're fucking finished ... I'm going to tear you to fucking pieces."

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17 thoughts on “The Age gets it wrong on Bhathal and her backers

  1. peter

    This overt campaigning for a past housemate is getting a little boring.

    1. Bobby

      This. Every article Rundle publishes on this by-election should have a disclaimer to that effect on it if Crikey wants to be taken seriously as a news outlet

  2. [email protected]

    It seems that the internal Greens split is between the “left-shifteds” and the “lumpen knowledges”. For some reason, the media avoid detailed profiling of the various key players in Green politics. Whilst many of the differences between Greens supporters often seem to be ones of emphasis or where to draw the line between principle and pragmatism rather than of fundamental philosophy there are some clear divides such as that between practical conservationists and animal libbers. I am left wondering what is at the core of the dispute and whether career politicians are taking hold in the Greens movement.

  3. Ben.

    So it’s in the article that says The Age has familial connections to Labor and should exercise caution that Crikey decides to obscure mentioning the author used to live with The Greens candidate. Uh-huh.

  4. [email protected]

    The young GRundle/Bhathal groovy student house is such an onerous concept to have to think about i can’t bear it

    1. el tel

      It was ruined when lumpen knowledge class members moved into the upstairs bedroom

  5. Teddy

    Wow. At the risk of being told to “read it again” by The Guy, I did, twice… In this post a journalist’s professional reputation is attacked because he is not on side, and the supporters of a Greens faction that GR doesn’t like are called “lumpens”. For of an not as well versed in 60s-style Marxist terminology as Crikey’s correspondent-at-large, that’s not very nice.

    Ok, though I do like political analysis which is more dispassionate, I don’t really mind that Crikey is being so partisan in this particular electoral battle. Unlike most who comment here, I don’t particularly care who wins. But if the Greens do, they will have done so because the Libs wanted them to. Isn’t that worthy of some sort of attention from Crikey?

    The Libs stood aside here because they wanted to cause maximum mischief to Bill Shorten. They wanted him to be pushed “left” just so they could attack him more successfully for “betraying” workers jobs and being a hypocrite on refugees. They also want further ALP leadership speculation after a Greens win. The Oz wants the Greens to triumph too so that they could snipe at Labor in general, and give themselves more ammunition for their BS culture war against bearded people who live in the inner city

    Both got they wanted, and more… Now then… why should the progressive left, Greens or Labor, get any pleasure at all from the Libs being so incredibly successful in Batman? Both parties have been played here.

    1. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

      One thing Labor or the Greens don’t have to worry about is the Libs being “incredibly successful” in Batman. If the Greens have run off the tracks somehow it will be their own fuckup. If Labor pulls it off then you’d have to congratulate Bill Shorten because he really has pulled a beautiful stunt with the Adani thing. The Libs will have nothing to do with it.

      1. AR

        I think that the tories win no matter the result simply because of the bloodletting and new bitterness embedded between progressives.
        That’s a less for Talcum, does best when he does nothing.

      2. Teddy

        Both your hypotheticals have Labor winning, Hugh. But aren’t the Greens going to? They’re still odds-on last time I looked, and besides, Guy has been telling us for years that their ascension and inevitable victory over Labor was manifest destiny, or something, on account of the rise and rise and rise of something he (and he alone) calls “the knowledge class.”

        In this latest missive, we learn this lot has a sub-group, the “lumpens.” I’m going to pass on the implications of that derogatory term of that for now, but in general, this “knowledge class” lot are what we used to call the elite – ie key workers and managers in the dominant industry of the economy. They are well-paid, can afford real estate in the most expensive parts of the inner cities of our major cities, run luxury SUVs, bicycles, a/c in every room and all the shiny appliances they can find (coal-powered) plugs for. And basically, well, they run the show. Many of them also vote Greens.

        So I’m still expecting a Greens win on Saturday. And Bhathal
        will go to Canberra because the Libs decided to let her. Hip, hip hooray.

    2. Woopwoop

      Whether the Greens or Labor win, there is a fight for the leftist voter, and to me that can only be good.

    3. Woopwoop

      Whether the Greens or Labor win, there is a fight for the leftist voter, and to me that can only be good.

    4. Sleuth

      The Libs stood aside because they didn’t want a 5% swing against them, out in the open.

  6. Michael Quincey O'Neill

    I’d like to hear from Guy why he thinks hearing a series of censorious speeches from Bhathal for the term of her time in Parliament is a greater good then having Ged Kearney in Parliament working in a majority Labor government and potentially holding a cabinet position.

    And he can’t say it’s because Bhathal didn’t hog the bathroom when they were roomies.

    1. Pankration

      Music when the lights go out…

  7. Jf

    Hahahahaha eat shit guy Rundle!!!! Alex Bhathal LOSES again!! Worst candidate in history, time to retire. Hahahahaha suck shit you fucking idiot, all that effort you put in and your precious knowledge class rejected your pathetic former housemate. Whoopsie! Can’t wait to read your article about how batman got it wrong. Hahahaha EAT FUCKING SHIT GREENS

    1. Duncan Gilbey

      I perhaps wouldn’t have put it in quite those terms, but I agree with the general thrust of your statement.
      Shorten’s come out of this looking pretty good and Carney must be at short odds to be a minister in a future Labor government. The Greens look like squabbling children.
      Trouble is, we’ll have to suffer it all again at the next federal election. 🙁

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