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Mar 14, 2018

Will Turnbull confront Aung San Suu Kyi when she arrives for ASEAN?

Aung San Suu Kyi's upcoming visit to the ASEAN conference in Sydney this weekend raises important questions about Australia's relationship with Myanmar. Crikey investigates why.

Alister McKeich

Freelance writer and academic

Hosting Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi would once have been a significant honour; now a visit from her is marked with a badge of shame.

The ethnic cleansing of Rohingya people since August 25, 2017, has been met with silence, and some say complicity, from Myanmar's once-celebrated leader.

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12 thoughts on “Will Turnbull confront Aung San Suu Kyi when she arrives for ASEAN?

  1. Dion Giles

    The country’s name is Burma. The ugly noise “Myanmar” was foisted on the country by a bunch of murderous thug generals whose ultimate fate hopefully will be quick trial and execution. Journos fortunate enough not to live in Burma do the Burmese, journalism and language a disservice by referring to Burma as “Myanmar”.

  2. john OCallaghan

    What a bloody silly question,of course the grovelling snivelling coward wont confront her!

  3. zut alors

    ‘Will Turnbull Confront…?’

    Easy question: no. Not a single example of Turnbull confronting anyone springs to mind however egregious the situation.

    The concept of any of our 21st century Oz prime ministers climbing onto their high horse to criticise another nation’s human rights is risible.

  4. AR

    Kyi is first & foremost a Burman, her father’s daughter and he was the first head of the junta which overthrew the nascent, post Raj democracy.
    One of Hawke’s first postPM jobs was as a schill for the generals whilst Kyi was under long term house arrest.
    BTW, no mention of Wahhabi agency in this sorry tale?
    ‘The Rohingya were never loved but, until recently, mostly ignored.

  5. CML

    The Myanmar defence forces control the country…NOT Suu Kyi. ‘Democracy’ there is just a sham. So what would you have the Lady do exactly?
    Also…this conflict between the Bengalis (NOT Rohingya, a term only in use since the 1990s) and the native people of Myanmar, has been going on for centuries…but in its current form since WW2. It is all about religion…who would have guessed!!
    On reading the history of this region, it becomes clear that during WW2, the Bengal Indians (Moslems) perpetrated their own massacre on the Burmese locals (Buddhists), with guns and weapons given to them by the British…they also destroyed much of their infrastructure in what is now Rakhine State. The Bengalis have not been recognised as citizens of Myanmar ever…so why is there now a call for Myanmar to grant them citizenship? They are not, and have never been, one of the recognised ‘races’ in the Myanmar constitution.
    The whole situation is diabolical…but blaming Suu Kyi is plainly ridiculous, when this has been going on forever!

    1. Woopwoop

      So we can’t say Rohingya because the term’s only been in use since the 1990s…how long has Burma been called Myanmar?
      And what sort of country has a constitution that only recognises some “races”?

      1. Norm

        Well, Malaysia actually. In that its Constitution only recognises Malays as first class citizens entitled to full rights and privileges. Not only are Chinese and Indian citizens not first class, but even the original indigenes, who predated the arrival of the Malays.

    2. Draco Houston

      Jesus, CML 😐 Labourists really are worthless.

      1. CML

        What…you can’t handle the historical truth????
        I would appreciate it if you would confine your remarks to the subject under discussion. Personal abuse should not be permitted here.

    3. Rais

      Suu Kyi could dissociate herself from the false ‘democracy’ and speak against injustice. The border between Burma/Myanmar and Bengal is a product of the colonial masters and the people who found themselves on either side of that border should have citizenship of the state in which they find themselves. A claim that the Rohingya have never been recognised as citizens in the land of their birth and therefore never should become citizens is nothing but an endorsement of racism and state injustice. If the writer making that claim comes from Burma/Myanmar s/he would have arrived in Australia having never possessed Australian citizenship. Is that a reason for never receiving citizenship?

      1. CML

        Last time I looked, Myanmar was a sovereign country entitled to make its own laws and follow its own constitution.
        We in Oz don’t have to like it…just as many people in other countries don’t like some of our laws regarding asylum seekers and off-shore detention, but surely you are not suggesting there should be some world wide system of enforcing countries to follow certain rules/laws? If so…WHOSE RULES/LAWS…who decides?
        Also..Suu Kyi did ‘dissociate herself from the false democracy and speak against injustice’ for many years. For her trouble she was barred from politics/government…even though she won an election…and placed under house arrest for most of the 1990s and beyond. So I repeat…what is it exactly that everyone wants this Lady to do?
        Nothing is ever easy where power and religious differences are involved!

  6. Arky

    “Will Turnbull confront ”

    No. Could stop the question there, regardless of how it finishes.

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