On Border Force

Meredith Williams writes: Re.”Crikey Worm: Border Force face protest after refugee raid” (Monday)

Is there no authority in the country that can bring this kind of outrage towards refugees to an end, no tribunal with the power to call its perpetrators to account? My heart aches and my lungs gasp for justice for the victims of atrocities such as this, and I pity the poor officers who must carry out these fascist orders. What kind of dystopia are we living in? Wake up Australia!

On Julie Bishop

Brian Crooks writes: Re. “The fall of Julie Bishop?” (Monday)

Does this mean that all Bishop’s grovelling and cleaning of butchers knives and being the loyal deputy dawg for several PMs was all for nothing?  She should have been a staffer, the promotion for loyalty and service is much more rewarding and financially more beneficial.