Mar 13, 2018

Batman garbage fire is the perfect representation of Australian politics

What we have, instead of a by-election, is a series of righteous indignations overlapping righteous indignation, where policy is not discussed as much as it is used as a cudgel to silence others.

Amy Gray

Freelance writer

As an illustration of Australian politics, the Batman by-election is so perfectly dire it could almost have been engineered by a group of marketing interns wanting to tick every box.

Its origin story is crafted for the zeitgeist, with the sitting member for Batman -- pratfalling comedic relief David Feeney -- resigning over his dual national citizenship. So far, so hot right now.

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21 thoughts on “Batman garbage fire is the perfect representation of Australian politics

  1. paddy

    It will be a huge relief when it’s over.
    Labor Vs Greens, always seems to end up as a particularly nasty shit fight. Leaving anyone who might be even vaguely progressive, feeling dirty and depressed.
    The only thing more tiresome than the campaign, will be the endless postmortem from the media.
    The LNP must be loving it all.

    1. Nudiefish

      Well summed-up, Paddy.

      Classic case of whoever wins, we are all still the losers.

    2. Venise Alstergren

      Well said Paddy. The way Australia is being torn assunder, right now, makes me wish I lived in Patagonia.

    3. MAC TEZ

      Me tree Paddy, I’m giving you todays Carpenter Award.

  2. Paddlefoot

    As a constituent, I’ve been pummeled by pollsters and ravaged by Reach-Tell. But no one has actually shown up at my door. Shame. I’d like to ask the Greens why they failed to seize the moment in 2009 ( when we were in the grip of a humongous drought ) by indulging in ideological purity. Thus condemning us to a decade to total political twaddle and populist anti-science which – surprise – can only benefit the dark Right. It’s now all African thug-fear, incivility and and ‘what-about’ism. Apologies to coming generations .. we were unable to navigate rough seas ( and yes we did have a map or two ) and ran the Ark aground.

  3. AR

    The smartest politics for a very long time from the government in not having a candidate. It will be the only winner when good people fight.

  4. Avril Hannah-Jones

    No one looks good, indeed. I responded to Alexander White’s tweet because I didn’t see how the defacing of the poster was sexist. I got sucked in to the stupidity, thus lowering myself to the level of the meme-creators. I will do suitable penance.

  5. Bob Joyce

    Why do the Greens persist with perpetually unsuccessful candidates. Here in Tasmania, in my seat of Braddon, the same boring old faces seem to appear on the ticket at every election. Surely they realise that in order to attract votes from anyone other than ancient hippies, they must come up with candidates with a bit of spirit. And some credibility.

    1. [email protected]

      Have to disagree there. Alex had more first preferences, 32,645 to 31,780 for Feeney. Plus a 9.58% swing to the Greens. So in my book, she is the best candidate for this election. Tons of spirit and credibility.

  6. Michael Quincey O'Neill

    Ged Kearney has lived in the area for thirty years and now lives just outside of the electorate boundaries.

    Hardly requires a ‘parachute’ but then you would have to find some other teeny factoid to express your air of jaded cynicism.

    1. CML

      Exactly so, Michael. Those of us who don’t live in Victoria, are thoroughly sick of the whole damn mess.
      Progressive against progressive is just crazy…especially when one of them will NEVER be able to deliver to the voters on ANYTHING!!

      1. Bobby

        Lol. Modern politics and those attracted to it isn’t about delivering for the voters. It’s about delivering to yourself all those lovely perks and pay

      2. cyberfysh

        Same thing in Qld: Greens target Labor Left seats, but give LNP a free pass.
        Where are their priorities? Clearly not in defeating the “Tories”.

        1. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

          Cyberfish, on the evidence you are completely wrong. In the recent state election in Queensland the only seat won by a Greens candidate was Maiwar – a leafy Brisbane electorate previously held by LNP minister Scott Emerson.

          1. sottile6

            Convenient retelling of facts after the event. The Greens only fought serious and very well funded campaigns against Labor left candidates and only won the liberal seat by a handful of votes over the Labor left candidate in a Liberal seat where they hardly campaigned!

          2. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

            Sottile6, it’s more of an inconvenient line up of actual facts. In Maiwar, the LNP candidate Emerson won 40+% of the primary vote – it was a pretty safe seat for the LNP and fair game for whoever wanted to have a go. I wonder how you ‘know’ which seats were seriously fought for by the Greens given that you’re not likely to be a Greens voter let alone a member? Perhaps you’re a Labor voter totally enchanted with the Palaszczuk government’s three year sponsorship and facilitation of the Adani Carmichael mine?

      3. Nudiefish

        Labor hasn’t delivered much on anything either. It backs the LNP when it suits often enough.

        1. AR

          Both sides of the capitalist coin will fight to the(ir) death to protect the duopoly.

  7. Jim Egan

    Just shows how shallow and facile the inner city homo greeniticus really is. I wonder how many have real jobs not in some way financed by the taxpayer. Such an orgy of trendy virtue signalling should instruct us that; ‘latte power tends to corrupt and soy latte erupts absolutely’.

    1. AR

      …ouch! that smarts.
      May I borrow your stiletto-like advance on Acton’s axiom?

      1. Jim Egan

        Be my guest AR…always a pleasure.

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