The Greens were hit with a fresh "leak" in Batman at the end of last week, with accusations in the ABC -- denied by the Greens, and lacking documentation -- that Batman candidate Alex Bhathal had been investigated for improper conduct five years ago. Greens leader Richard Di Natale has denied this, and openly stated that there is a force within the Darebin Greens who would rather see the Greens miss out than have Alex Bhathal bumped into parliament. 

What’s frustrating for many in the Victorian Greens is that everyone knows who the leaker -- or the principal leaker -- is. They’re a Darebin branch member with long experience in the Greens, they have contacts in the mainstream media, and they know how to drip-feed stories to maximise a news cycle. The Greens should expect another bombshell to be leaked on Wednesday night for the Thursday media cycle, the usual final drop, made so late, that a rebuttal is impossible.