Mar 12, 2018

Rundle: the mess in Batman shows Greens need serious change

With more internal leaks against Batman candidate Alex Bhathal, it's clear the Greens need major reshaping — whether they win the seat or not.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


The Greens were hit with a fresh "leak" in Batman at the end of last week, with accusations in the ABC -- denied by the Greens, and lacking documentation -- that Batman candidate Alex Bhathal had been investigated for improper conduct five years ago. Greens leader Richard Di Natale has denied this, and openly stated that there is a force within the Darebin Greens who would rather see the Greens miss out than have Alex Bhathal bumped into parliament. 

What’s frustrating for many in the Victorian Greens is that everyone knows who the leaker -- or the principal leaker -- is. They’re a Darebin branch member with long experience in the Greens, they have contacts in the mainstream media, and they know how to drip-feed stories to maximise a news cycle. The Greens should expect another bombshell to be leaked on Wednesday night for the Thursday media cycle, the usual final drop, made so late, that a rebuttal is impossible.

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39 thoughts on “Rundle: the mess in Batman shows Greens need serious change

  1. Ricky Day

    Green surely is a wasted vote in Batman. A choice between
    1. A progressive woman that can affect change as part of Government v
    2. A progressive woman that casts a protest vote sitting next to Bandt.
    Any real action on progressive issues need to be through the Government benches – throwing stones from the sidelines won’t help anyone in Batman except the candidate who gets a pay increase on the 5th attempt

    1. Lord Muck

      You do know how parliament works, don’t you, Ricky? A minority government is workable. And I’m not sure that vacillating over Adani is so very progressive.

  2. Richard Laslett

    its ok for Greens to say pork would pour. with no real proof. but 18 people comment about her bullying and its called forthrightness … this what they said about Kevin Rudd.. how about an expose on her actual local policies for Batman.

  3. Richard Laslett

    its ok for Greens to say pork would pour. with no real proof. but 18 people comment about her bullying and its called forthrightness … this what they said about Kevin Rudd.. how about an expose on her actual local policies for Batman.

  4. Myki Smith

    As I predicted. The Greens exploding after Saturday will be colourful indeed.

  5. Teddy

    Oh no! Everything the Guy has been telling us about for years – the triumph of the “knowledge class” and the ascension of The Greens, is now NOT going to happen! Tanya or Penny will rule the country, and Albo will keep Grayndler. Damn! What a tragedy.
    And all because a “number of young people” who “lack any sort of left-right political understanding” have joined the party.
    Bloody young people. Especially the ignorant ones.
    But seriously… This is what passes for political analysis in Crikey?

    1. Guy Rundle

      Read the article again. I said the knowledge class is growing so rapidly labor has to shift left to accommodate them – not just in the inner city, but everywhere. The argument is strengthened, not weakened

      1. Teddy

        Got it. Guy, fair call… Here’s a more considered response. I’d like to know how the “knowledge class” differs from what C Wright Mills called “the power elite” – those who ran the dominant institutions of a dominant society? He was writing some time ago of course – long before we all unconditionally surrendered to them, even giving up (quite willingly) our very identities. I seem to remember some resistance to that back in the 70s – maybe you, some Crikey readers, and the more elderly Greens party members in Darebin do too.

        The top 5 corporations in the US are (in order) Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook. What happens in Batman is irrelevant, surely. The “power elite” (ok, call them the knowledge class if you like, that certainly sounds nicer) has already won. And anointed its heirs.

        1. Woopwoop

          The clue’s in the name: the “Power Elite” had power.
          The knowledge class might have degrees and work in IT etc, but that doesn’t give them political power. I don’t think Guy is referring to the likes of Bill Gates or Zuckerman.

  6. Robin

    Buckle(y)’s chance.

  7. klewso

    It’s funny how so much of our “expert” media (all but calling the seat for the Greens) seem to have missed the fact that Kearney is no Feeney – she can float?

    1. klewso

      Holy crap Batman! Seems what was keeping Batman on a knife’s edge was Penguin Feeney?

  8. el tel

    The odds on Ged Kearney winning the seat have fallen from $4 to $2.50 in a week.

    1. [email protected]

      the fall in winnings means she has INCREASED her chances of winning the seat…

  9. Bobby

    I voted Greens for many years. Their fundamentalism on the Malaysian solution for refugees and on the initial Carbon pricing scheme doomed them for my vote.
    I look forward to the implosion

    1. Marz

      Ditto. Their desire for the purest policies condemned us to Abbott and Turnbull’s governments. The most useless, disgusting and nasty governments since Howard. I will never forget the Green’s obstruction of the ETS and Malaysian solution policies. Read James Button’s essay in last month’s Monthly.

  10. Paul

    Wills is to the west, not to the east 🙂

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