Mar 12, 2018

The fall of Julie Bishop?

It wasn't so long ago that Bishop was seen as an obvious successor to Turnbull. What a difference a year makes.

Michael Sainsbury — Freelance correspondent in Asia and <em>Little Red Blog</em> Editor

Michael Sainsbury

Freelance correspondent in Asia and Little Red Blog Editor

As Australia’s diplomats traipse back home this week for meetings with our Southeast Asian neighbours on business and counter-terrorism at the weekend's Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Sydney, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop must be wondering -- in what's meant to be a moment of some triumph -- how it has all gone so wrong for her.

It was less than a year ago that Bishop was widely seen as the only person in parliament capable of taking the reins from Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister amid open criticism of him from within the Liberal Party.

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35 thoughts on “The fall of Julie Bishop?

  1. York City

    And it’s a real bummer there isn’t a nice overseas posting post the looming apocalypse because the two most infamous useless leaners have taken Washington and London.

  2. tonyl

    Greg Hunt has been quieter than when he was in charge of the environment and climate change. But achieving?

    1. Paul Guy

      I couldn’t agree more Tonyl

    2. Salstarat

      The only thing the heartless, uncompromising Greg Hunt has managed to achieve since his fall from grace as the worst environmental minister on record, is total obscurity! During his “watch”, he stood by – silent and completely ineffective – promoting fossil fuels whilst watching, detached and impassive from the sidelines, the ongoing devastation of our World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef! Like most of the arrogant, self-promoting and totally corrupt members of the LNP, Hunt has done absolutely NOTHING to benefit anything or anyone whilst he is quite content to be yet another do-nothing, ultra-conservative parasite sucking off the generosity of Australian taxpayers!

  3. klewso

    Sydney? Thank heaven. We won’t have to pay “non-partner” Dave Panton’s “expenses” to be with her?

  4. Richard

    A combination of Dutton and Hunt will very quickly become a Dutton only tyranny.

    1. Evil Garry

      And an unelectable tyranny at that. Dutton may be a darling of the alt-right, but his gollum-like appearance and attitude is a big turn-off with the electorate….and he may even have a battle on his hands to retain his seat at the next general election.

      1. Saugoof

        I hope you’re right, but I used to think the same about Abbott, or for that matter, Kennett.

      2. Culture Warrior

        Here’s how it rolls: far-right arsehole becomes prominent in a liberal government; reasonable people think ‘the Tories will never make him leader’; the Tories make him leader; reasonable people think ‘the Tories have made themselves unelectable’; the Tories get elected. Our only hope is that Dutton loses his seat so that we end up with ??? Scomo!! FFS.

      3. Suzie_darling

        We live in hope Evil Garry – let’s hope he loses the battle to retain his seat at the next election. We will all be better off then.

      4. Suellen

        Hear Hear Evil Garry….I would leave Australia if he were ever to become PM he truly is EVIL

  5. Luckyduck

    I did not think Julie Bishop will ever be a candidate for PM. She does not have the the smarts to manage the LNP consisting of right wing misogynistic men. Even Turnbull has been able to corral the cats. I think Dutton should take over soon so that the LNP can be soundly defeated at the next election.

    1. Venise Alstergren

      What makes you feel Peter Dutton could be easily got rid of? Once in position he will stay there like a clam stuck to a rock. Anything but Dutton.

    2. Nudiefish

      Bishop’s tenure as Shadow Treasurer – 22 September 2008 to 16 February 2009, proved that she is a policy lightweight.

      As countless Foreign Minister drones before her have proven, you don’t need to be a genus to be photographed with despots who don’t even know your name.

  6. Venise Alstergren

    Greg Hunt!! You cannot be serious!! He has had a career as a loser-as minister for the environment, OMG, he was piteous. Now in the health portfolio, the pace of which is a lot slower, he is not making such a shambles out of it. However, this in no way suggests he could be in a leadership position. Hell no!

  7. klewso

    Turnbull has proved to be such a poor excuse for a PM : but one of the few for voting for “Shorten”.

  8. CML

    Who cares which drongos lead the Lieberal Party? Hopefully they will be in opposition next year and for the next decade or two!!

  9. brian crooks

    does this mean that all bishops grovelling and cleaning of butchers knives and being the loyal deppitty dawg for several P.M`S was all for nothing, it seems the bishop name is a poisoned chalice for women, she should have been a staffer, the promotion for loyalty and services rendered to some ministers is much more rewarding and financially more beneficial.

  10. Arky

    “It was less than a year ago that Bishop was widely seen as” – citation needed.

    I am confident this was NEVER true in Lib circles where Bishop is seen as a serial backstabber who supports every leader until she doesn’t, and a lightweight who couldn’t hack it in a financial portfolio. And nor is it true in Labor circles who quite reasonably believe that the Parliamentary Liberal Party agreeing to accept the authority of a woman is still a generation away at least. Not to mention all the ammunition collected against the Asbestos Queen, Probably Rorter of Travel Entitlements and Non-Declarer of Gifts, she who accused Labor of wanting a terrorists’ picnic in Syria and various other nasty outbursts.

    “the Liberals, as it stands now, will be led by a combination of Peter Dutton and cabinet’s quiet achiever Greg Hunt.”

    My God, that’s a scary thought. However, if the Libs think that lightning will strike twice with Dutton playing the same wrecker role as Abbott, they are mistaken. Australians are well and truly over Tony Abbott and whatever raffish charm he had is certainly not held by Peter Dutton, who comes across like the nasty piece of work he is.

    The most obvious person to lead the Libs after Turnbull loses an election and steps down.. hahahaha Turnbull step down. OK, the most obvious person to lead the Libs after Turnbull loses the election and is rolled by force will be Matthias Cormann. Yes, I know, the accent. That’s OK. He’ll still get a shot. They know they’ll probably be out of office for a term anyway. It will give the likes of Alex Hawke time to get their ducks in a row to challenge.

    1. Arky

      Sorry, it occurs this requires a tiny bit of further explanation.

      THE most obvious person should be Scott Morrison, but it escaped absolutely nobody’s attention that Morrison was overlooked to be Acting Prime Minister. If the Treasurer has so little pull in the government that he can’t be Acting PM in that scenario…. Still, he can’t be written off completely. Once Turnbull goes, it is still possible Morrison would emerge as a compromise candidate.

      1. JMNO

        Agree mostly, Arky, but Morrison comes across as being very superficial and not having a very good grasp of policy. Dutton is downright dangerous, being not very bright and very bigoted and he still behaves like a narrow-minded policeman. He has far too much unfettered power over the lives of individuals which he uses to cleanse the country of people who he doesn’t like very much. . I suppose that the only thing is that if he were made PM, the LNP would last an even shorter time before being thrown out, unless he tried a Xi Jinping on us.

        1. Arky

          Oh, I agre entirely about Morrison and I think that’s why even the Libs seem to have moved past him, his political momentum peaked as Minister For Stop The Boats, but less likely people have been made leader, especially straight after an election loss. He could be a stopgap Brendan Nelson type of leader.

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