Mar 12, 2018

Facebook’s constant algorithm tweaking may push journalists away for good

The affects of Facebook's pivot away from news media are being felt in earnest as publications relying on social media begin to close shop

Christopher Warren

Journalist and media watcher

The first victim from Facebook’s January media pivot came late last month as digital publisher Little Things closed. It thought it had done everything right; it was a new media darling. But once Facebook turned off the sugar hit of shares and likes, that was, literally, all she wrote.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg opened the year by saying: “One of our big focus areas for 2018 is making sure the time we all spend on Facebook is time well spent.”

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7 thoughts on “Facebook’s constant algorithm tweaking may push journalists away for good

  1. York City

    Never used it, however it sounds like an animal farm for journalists. Use at your own peril.

  2. Arky

    It’s for the best if Facebook stops being the place most people get their news. Sucks for people who built their business model around it, but oh well. Building your business model around something which is entirely in other peoples’ control is always a precarious venture.

  3. AR

    Can somebody wake me when FarceBuch joins MySpace, 8 track tapes & Super 8?

  4. kyle Hargraves

    Deciding upon a representative paragraph is generally a challenge but I think I have identified the (most confused) paragraph that typifies the

    “Despite these tweaks, journalists can no longer rely on Facebook as a critical component of the news discovery ecosystem.”

    Was there ever a time when reliance could be placed on FB? What control could their be when 2.2 billion people with a keyboard can publish anything? Moreover just because some number (n) people are “discussing” a topic does that event in itself cause the topic to be news? Sure – FB is a unifier of all and sundry and that is its weakness rather than its strength. Its clear from the account published by “Wired” that the company (FB) is a parliament of egos and to this end FB intends to “run the show” with the claim that FB is an open platform.

    “As Facebook is leaving news, maybe it’s time for journalists to leave Facebook.”Or keep tabs on FB to ascertain what the latest vogues are.

    “While the platform was critical to build mass audience, it can’t be used to build direct relations with readers that engage and build trust”

    Not entirely. Veracity counts for a good deal. However, the media in general has only itelf to blame. I have yet to encounter one story where
    both sides of the matter are discussed to anything like the same extent. The so-called (new?) subjective journalism is synonymous with FB; without
    references to original sources the two are indistinguishable.

    > Yet, readers are the future of revenues. — yes but one has to provide a product first and the future does not reside, necessarily, in large numbers; quite the reverse for the long term.

  5. Di Keller

    Facebook continually changes what it considers to be news. They keep trying to “tailor” it . They obviously do not know just what news is 🙂
    Why would any thinking person look for news there. ??

    1. AR

      Why would any thinking person look for news there.” PING!
      And therein lies the collapse of civilization – they don’t but too many voters do.

  6. Bob the builder

    Any journalist who was naive enough to think that a private business someone had some benevolent interest in their “product” doesn’t deserve the name.
    Another stock piece from Crikey – what does this piece add to our knowledge of the topic? We already know that many journalists are uncritical and naive.

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