On the ABC and SBS inquiry

Shrdlu writes: Re. “ Inquiry into ABC and SBS on the launch pad, but who’s the target?“(Friday)

I tried, I tried to get my mind around the two words “competitive neutrality”. I think the left hemisphere was just two competitive for the right as the left led with a left hook and the hook was in the first sentence. Wow what a punchline. To be neutral is to be neutral and uncompetitive, I asked myself, just what is “competitive neutrality” as one of the words surely must give up and be a fatality.

If there is no purpose to the inquiry there is no inquiry and the state of affairs stays neutral.

On Chris Lilley

Richard Thompson writes: Re. “Netflix get on the front foot over controversial comedian Chris Lilley” (Friday)

Is this now the way of Australian ‘comedy’? The majority Australian comedy is unfunny and crass. Chris Lilley fits this perfectly. I cannot watch him.