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Mar 12, 2018

‘I hate journalists’ … are we done with Barnaby yet? … doctors sue ABC journo over Scientology book …

The ACT's chief minister Andrew Barr has taken a swipe at journalists and mainstream media, which The Canberra Time is calling a Trumpian desire "to shape government policy to his personal, long-held enmity".

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

'I hate journalists'. The ACT's chief minister Andrew Barr has lashed out at journalists while setting out a plan to bypass them with his government's communications. Barr took a particular swipe at the Canberra Times, which obtained a recording of last week's comments at an event at ACT parliament: "I hate journalists. I'm over dealing with the mainstream media as a form of communication with the people of Canberra. What passes for a daily newspaper in this city is a joke and it will be only a matter of years before it closes down."

The Crimes responded with an editorial defending the paper and criticising Barr's disdain for the media:

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7 thoughts on “‘I hate journalists’ … are we done with Barnaby yet? … doctors sue ABC journo over Scientology book …

  1. York City

    Nothing like a lashing from the city council of Canberra.

  2. brian crooks

    the sooner seven west media sack their entire board and brings in new blood that understands the media business and isn`t spending all the companies money and good will in court the sooner their fortunes will turn around. or better still, sell it to another company that understands the business and is on top of the new game and the new media.

  3. MJM

    I am a Canberra resident and somewhat of an ALP tragic. I dislike Barr quite intensely and am glad he does not represent my electorate as I would not vote for him.

  4. AR

    Is Barr just another example of the banality of modernity? He has no conception of the role of a free press or his own position.
    Representative. Not Autocrat.
    Not R. Crusoe. O Tempora, O Mores.

    1. DF

      He labels himself Labor but he is just a frustrated hipster from Surry Hills who couldn’t get onto the council there. The word “arrogant” might have been invented for his personal application. He is an example of what happens when people start drinking their own bathwater. I have lifelong Labor-voting friends who voted Liberal last time just out of despair with the tyranny he displays over decision-making in the ACT Govt. He represents no Labor values of which I am aware. At the new Canberra Hospital in Belconnen, for instance, all the admin and ward and cleaning staff will be contract workers – as reported in the Canberra Times today. No wonder he hates the media.

  5. DF

    Re the Review of the Day by the Observer, of Farm Girl Cafe in London’s Chelsea, you really should check out their menu, including but not limited to the list of coffees. Just to confirm the Poms’ prejudices about us, the cafe styles itself as reflecting “Aussie cafe culture”. Paradoxically, Rose, “the original Farm Girl” claims to be a country girl. I don’t know that any Australian country cafes are yet serving a Charcoal Latte (Activated charcoal, date syrup and cashew milk).

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