On pop culture’s ability to be a force for good

Karen Hutchinson writes: Re. “Debate Club: can pop culture be a force for feminist good?” (Thursday)

Why the need to want to see ourselves, men and women alike, reshaped, remodeled and pop cultured ad infinitum into super heroes/humans? I guess it’s because most of us are failing at being just ordinary, decent human beings!

Stephen Goodwin writes: Re. “Debate Club: can pop culture be a force for feminist good?” (Thursday)
The real secret of advertising (I work in advertising) is actually that — 99% of the time — it doesn’t work. That’s not an exaggeration. The response rates — by which I mean it’s ability to get people to do something (usually buy a widget) are miniscule. The failure rate of campaigns is enormous. The reality is that it’s a number games. Reach enough eyeballs with a half-decent message and you’ll pick up a few dollars. Maybe.

Peter Fray

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