This sounds crude, and I am loath to use the vernacular, but maybe, finally, the time has come for Malcolm Turnbull to “grow a pair”.  

He’s ticking away, inevitably, to losing Newspolls 29 and 30 -- which he used as a major excuse for knifing Tony Abbott. And, even though Abbott was a dead man walking, he and his 2GB barrackers aren’t even waiting for the last two shoes to drop before white-anting the PM. That’s why it is not so far-fetched for the PM to invite a challenge: “Come and get me”. (Remember the time when Prime Minister Abbott almost lost to an empty chair?)

Abbott doesn’t have (and never again will have) the numbers to do it. Neither do Dutton, Morrison or the perennial bridesmaid, Julie Bishop. Malcolm Turnbull should stare them all down and say that he is still their best chance in the apparently Sisyphean challenge called the 2019 federal election.