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Mar 8, 2018

A real downer: Alexander Downer’s career bottoms out with alt-right trolling

Arch-conservative Alexander Downer finds himself demonised as a left-wing agent of the Clintons as the far right struggles to discredit the investigation of Donald Trump.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Alexander Downer has laboured for years in foreign policy. He worked as a diplomat before entering politics. He was John Howard's foreign minister for 11 years. He was appointed by the United Nations to be a mediator in Cyprus. He was Tony Abbott's High Commissioner to London, a position he will shortly relinquish after nearly four years. But his only real achievement in that field is likely to come from a night on the grog in London with a Trump aide in May 2016, during which said aide George Papadopoulos, whose lips were evidently loosened by copious quantities of wine, told him the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Papadopoulos would later become better known as the first of many Trump associates to plead guilty to charges brought as a result of Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign's collusion with it.

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35 thoughts on “A real downer: Alexander Downer’s career bottoms out with alt-right trolling

  1. The Curmudgeon

    A classic example of the useful idiot?

  2. [email protected]

    He was never the sharpest tool in the shed.

  3. Arky

    A classic example of why the “alt-right” is incredibly stupid and refusing to listen to them isn’t being in the “echo chamber”, it’s just being sane.

    A movement that exists only as a mob lurching from one artificially created common enemy to the next while giving money to grifters who make them feel legitimised and important.

    1. AR

      Good definition – may I borrow it?

  4. Tim Howard

    Downer of Baghdad an agent of the left. Who would have thought?

    1. Don

      Lord Downer of Baghdad please.

      1. AR

        Lord Bunter the Downer.

  5. Anthony Scott

    It appears that Downer, all along, was able to fool us and secretly work for the United States and the Clintons. Was he a Double agent? These serious ALT-Right allegations must be investigated immediately. Or Australian will think Australia is just a client state of the USA!

  6. Coral SeeNQ

    I have always wanted to know why it took several months for the information to be given to the FBI…that Papdopoulos gave to Downer that is…Bernard please, can you find out why it took several months for it to be logged by US intelligence services. Did our spies sit on it and why…..because it only seemed to turn up when Wikileaks started dumping stuff, several months after the ‘big night out in London’. Endlessly curious on this one.

  7. Rais

    So the hard right of Australian politics is seen as “left wing” in the Land of Gun Freedom. As for Downer starting the process of ending the Trump presidency, keep in mind that this process would usher in the Pence presidency. Many will sigh with relief but a Pence administration would be the Trump administration with organisational ability and friends in Congress.

    1. Coral SeeNQ

      Agree 100%. Stuff of Atwoodesqu nightmare. The man is dumber and just as ignorant and uneducated as Donald, but just add militaristic,white, right wing religious fervour. Ahh..should be o.k.

    2. AR

      Is there balm in Gilead?“.
      No, sorry.
      Bring on the midterms.
      Perhaps the Dems can be shriven of la Klingon by then or, failing that, by 2020.

  8. Charlie Chaplin

    “… bearing in mind a solid percentage of such accounts are Russian sock puppets…”

    Bearing in mind most of the sock puppets all over the world use their tweets etc as click bait to build a following and flog product. You click on one of their posts, it takes you to another page, you click on something in that page and hey presto! the sock puppet’s succeeded in flogging product: the sock puppet earns $5 -$10 and its company earns $20- $50 per click/product. That’s why the same worker will have various sock puppet accounts right across the political spectrum of left, right and centre. It’s not about politics, it’s about flogging product. It’s big business and people all over the world are employed in it, not just Russians.

    “…it would be Downer who might, in the end, be the one who started the process of killing off the Trump presidency?” Killing the Trump presidency for what? Russian “collusion”? So far the only hard evidence we have is Trump did business with the Russians. We have hard evidence the Clintons did, too: Uranium One, anyone? And inspite of the new Cold War that’s been inflicted on us in the last few years, we’re not at war with Russia. They’re not our enemy. It is ( or was) legal to do business with them. In fact, I can remember we were encouraged to do business with the new, democratic, capitalist Russia at the end of the first Cold War. Hell, it was promoted as THE place to do business. A golden land of opportunity for capitalists. Should we investigate every wealthy American politician and/or businessman who’s done business with Russia? Should we start on Australians next? It would certainly weed out our governments and parliaments nicely.

    I’m no fan of Trump. I’d hoped (like Helen Razer) that he’d force the Americans to realise how truly awful they and their country truly is once the smooth, pretty mask disappeared from their president, but instead, they got Russiagate. We got Russiagate. And here it is in Crikey.

    1. Coral SeeNQ

      China was also, is also, promoted as a place to do business, but that didn’t stop this criminal government from running Sam Dastyari out of office. Just depends on the criteria ‘chosen’ and the colour of your stripe if the MSM decides to take you down or not. See Andrew Rob… is a joke.

  9. EG

    Too funny if Downer helped bring down Trump.
    Would be his best achievement in a long and undistinguished career.
    Ironic this story is running on International Women’s Day about the dude that gave us “the things that batter” when referring to domestic violence.

    1. gjb

      Downer is, always will be a pathetic privileged ponce… Left wing radical boywonder in stockings & suspenders???, the US right & left leaning media is laughable.

  10. James O'Neill

    “acquired what turned out to be crucial information for that investigation”. What parallel universe are you inhabiting Bernard. Papadopoulous got his information from an obscure Maltese professor who has since gone to ground. The Mueller investigation has since turned up zilch in the way of actual evidence of the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. This has all been discussed in considerable detail by websites that are neither right, nor left, pro or anti Trump, but interested in the truth rather than the salacious scuttlebutt you are helping to perpetrate.
    What has emerged, but Crikey is assiduously avoiding is the real conspiracy: that between the Clinton campaign and elements of the FBI and the CIA who did all they could to avoid Trump being elected, and since he was elected, to undermine his presidency. Again, this is very well documented.
    Just for the record, I think Trump is a disaster, but he was elected by a majority of the electoral college. The only consolation is that it might have been worse. Hillary could have won!

    1. Coral SeeNQ

      You know it’s funny you mention the FBI…… when James Comey came out with a letter to Congress announcing that the FBI was reopening the ‘private server‘ email investigation after the prepolling had opened about 10 or 11 days before the election, on that day I said to my self she’s #@##@@#!!!, The very prescient Rudy Giuliani had foreshadowed her ‘October Surprise’. Because it’s international women’s day, I just wasn’t going to let it go without mentioning other fine male performances in her run for office that were thrilled to see her fall over.

    2. unimpressed

      Bernard won’t listen. His mind is made up. I doubt if he even knows who, for example, Ray McGovern is and his experience with intelligence. Pity, he might learn something.

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