Mar 7, 2018

Ged Kearney won’t commit Labor to blocking Adani

At a climate Q and A, Labor’s Batman candidate did the Labor two-step on blocking the mine with environment law.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Labor's Ged Kearney at last night's climate debate.

Ged Kearney, Labor candidate for the Batman byelection, has refused to say that a Labor government would stop the Adani Carmichael coal mine -- even if a future Labor government had a "trigger" that would make it possible.

Kearney was speaking at a "climate-off" amid the splendid, golden Edwardian décor of the Northcote Town Hall, in the heart of Batman, with speeches and Q and A from Kearney, Greens candidate Alex Bhathal, and three minor-party candidates.

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45 thoughts on “Ged Kearney won’t commit Labor to blocking Adani

  1. Norm

    Please. Just give us Anthony.

  2. York City

    Thanks for these updates on the ALP shenanigans. It’s easy to believe the utter crap they spin around election times. Ever since Beazley originally took the reins I’ve looked for anyone but them or libs at the booth. However they do need to be reminded I will always submit a valid ballot paper. My local Sydney rubbish are equally as bad.

  3. Barnino

    Probably too late to try to add some facts to the hysteria around this and Charlie Lewis’s article, but I’ll try.
    The impact of Adani would be both symbolic and real. Of course, no single activity / mine / airconditioner / plane trip / grand prix / ‘hobbyhorse of your choice’ adds more than a fraction of a percent to the world’s carbon emissions and the destruction of the planet.
    But try annual CO2 emissions from the coal which Adani will extract from the Carmichael mine being equal to 20% of Australia’s total current emissions; or emissions from the whole Galilee basin, if GVK and others get to follow Adani’s lead, exceeding Australia’s total current annual emissions, for about 60 years.
    Ralph, that seems quite a lot to me.

    1. gerald butler

      Well said. It is the whole Galilee basin that shills like Canavan the conniver want opened. The Adani cancer must be removed before it spreads.

  4. sheamcduff

    Interesting article by Ben Eltham at NM [link below]
    This is relevant for those that believe there is a nasty ‘sovereign risk’. According to Eltham, there ain’t.
    “Moreover, there is no contract to rip up. Adani has not signed contracts with the federal government; instead, it has secured a series of environmental approvals. Approvals can be revoked, and there is even a clause that expressly allows it in the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.
    Section 145: Revocation of approval …..”
    Worth reading and relating to Guy’s effort.

    1. Arky

      The sovereign risk arguments are clearly based on a scenario where the mine does go ahead under the Turnbull government.

      There probably would be contracts in that situation because surely the mine could only proceed if the Turnbull government provided funding and assurances of various kinds.

      The expression “ripping up the contract” is also at least a bit metaphorical and can be taken to refer to government approvals etc as well as actual contracts.

      I don’t know if Ben Eltham has legal training or not, but I wouldn’t take legal advice from him.

    2. CML

      Just another ‘arm-chair expert’ who can’t possibly have all the facts and details around this issue.
      Isn’t Eltham a fellow Greens traveller anyway???? You would think these people had something more useful to fight the Batman campaign on…you know, something that specifically relates to their voters everyday lives perhaps?
      Try the cost of living and wages stagnation for example. Oh! I forgot…the Greens voters in Batman are all wealthy young professionals, who couldn’t give a shite about the rest of the plebs.
      Says it all really!!

      1. CML

        This comment is related to Sheamcduff’s entry @ 10.56am.

  5. Sleuth

    Are the Greens saying that they would close down all coal fired power stations immediately? They wouldn’t dare and neither would the Labor party who have committed to 50% renewables. So that means until renewables can run at 100% what are the alternatives? Shorten is being wedged by the Greens because there is no way he can give a blanket solution to the 50% non renewable power still required.

    1. Myki Smith

      Sleuth, don’t expect the Greens to be confronted by such relevant questions. They appear to be a protected species here.

      1. Bob the builder

        What are you ALP trolls on about?
        On the day you made this silly comment, there’s a story about internal Greens conflict.

    2. [email protected]

      If you read their policies, which you can do by using a search engine, you will find that the Greens simply want safeguards of various kinds, eg not destroying whole villages and valuable farmland, plus a stop to large mine donations to Labor and the Coalition.

  6. Myki Smith

    Green’s poster in Batman: Stop Labor’s Adani Mine
    Labor’s mine? How’s that for a crap slogan.

    1. Arky

      Yeah, the level of intellectual dishonesty on display in Greens anti-Labor campaigning is usually pretty high. It ends up looking about the same as the Coalition’s tactic of blaming Labor for everything big and small.

  7. Myki Smith

    Here is a good question for the Greens. Their web site notes:
    “The continuing rapid increase in the human population is drastically affecting national and international outcomes in environmental sustainability, human health and welfare, and other areas. Current rates of resource use are not sustainable and are compounded by inequitable distribution of wealth and power. ”
    Sounds fair enough, and an important principle for them to adhere to. So what are their policies in relation to this principle? Look at their web site under Aims and you will find a few fuzzy words that amount to zilch. What con artists!

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