Mar 7, 2018

Ged Kearney won’t commit Labor to blocking Adani

At a climate Q and A, Labor’s Batman candidate did the Labor two-step on blocking the mine with environment law.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Labor's Ged Kearney at last night's climate debate.

Ged Kearney, Labor candidate for the Batman byelection, has refused to say that a Labor government would stop the Adani Carmichael coal mine -- even if a future Labor government had a "trigger" that would make it possible.

Kearney was speaking at a "climate-off" amid the splendid, golden Edwardian décor of the Northcote Town Hall, in the heart of Batman, with speeches and Q and A from Kearney, Greens candidate Alex Bhathal, and three minor-party candidates.

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45 thoughts on “Ged Kearney won’t commit Labor to blocking Adani

  1. zut alors

    ‘…an Anthony Albanese challenge’ ??

    If memory serves correctly, the resurrected PM Rudd guaranteed his own protection by having ALP rules changed, ensuring there can be no challenge. The Labor leader can opt to resign but cannot be formally challenged.

    1. Myki Smith

      1. What have the Greens achieved after gaining the state seat of Northcote? zilch.
      2. What will they achieve if they win Batman? zilch.
      3. What about their declining share of the vote in recent elections on the mainland and Tasmania?
      4. What happens when the lid comes off the simmering tensions re. member accusations of bullying?
      5. How secure is Di Natale?
      I am looking forward to the Greens explosion on March 18. Should be colourful.

      1. Bob the builder

        Substitute Labor for Greens and the answers won’t be that much different.

      2. Bob the builder

        Substitute Labor for Greens and the answers won’t be that much different.

      3. Woopwoop

        What have they achieved? They’ve forced the ALP to move left defensively… they’ve achieved voluntary assisted dying, safe injecting rooms etc, because the ALP has to compete with them.

    2. zut alors

      Ooops, just checked the 2013 changes, there can be a challenge:

      The support of 75 per cent of caucus is required to force a ballot against a sitting prime minister, which drops to 60 per cent for a Labor opposition leader.

    3. Arky

      The idea of an Albanese leadership challenge is laughable for many reasons; all these Shorten-haters in the media (where it is Rundle here or Katharine Murphy in the Guardian) and Liberal Party stooges are literally the only ones talking it up. It’s not news reporting, but it’s revealing of the lengths to which the writer’s bias runs.

  2. Limited Through Mixed

    The ALP should concede Batman now based on Kearney’s useless performance.
    If the ALP want to remain relevant they need to focus on the outer suburban seats and regional and rural Victoria. Leave the inner irrelvant seats to the Greens and other useless parties.
    If not the ALP will be wiped out at the next Victorian state poll.
    Kearney is all waffle. Enough of these stupid celebrity candidates.

    1. Arky

      Andrews leads today’s Newspoll by a comfortable margin.
      Some of you Greens supporters have an outsize idea of how much most of Victoria is on your side.
      The idea of Labor being irrelevant in Victoria because Greens voters in Batman are upset with them on one issue is a joke.

  3. Myki Smith

    “Your correspondent had a rather forthright confrontation with Ged Kearney at a public dinner in 2017. ”
    Not surprised by this. Remember his disgraceful behaviour re. David Feeney (like him or not)?
    Don’t expect an even-handed treatment of the by-election by this anti-ALP, pro-Green commentator.

  4. ralph

    For the Greens opposing Adani is like shooting fish in a barrel because they will never be in government. Its also all so easy to do a bit of bush lawyering on s.145. As a percentage of world CO2 output (the threat to the Reef) what would Adani represent? Not much and by itself it would be unlikely to constitute a “significant impact” as required under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Otherwise we would be shutting down coal mines all over Australia!

    1. Arky

      Realistically that’s what all these anti-ALP on Adani commenters want, no more coal mines.
      There’s no point bending over backwards to accomodate their demands for Labor to condemn Adani because the goalposts will just be shifted to a moratorium on coal mines or even to shutting down all coal mines, and then they’ll still vote Greens because it’s easier to sit on a high horse when that horse never has to walk the walk, only talk the talk.

      1. Bob the builder

        Maybe you should get all your mates to vote Greens, so then the bastards would have to walk the walk.
        Serve them right, wouldn’t it!

      2. AR

        These talking horses of whom you speak… interesting delusion, almost akin to the thought of a Labor party committed to benefitting the working class.

  5. Nudiefish

    Labor is hiding on Adani, as it is with the TPP and a bunch of other topics. It wants to be the policy ‘everyman’ on every topic.

    Voters aren’t that stupid. Your word can equally be assessed by what you DON’T say as much as what you do.

    To quote Groucho Marx: “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

    1. CML

      This has nothing to do with principles.
      Every political party releases its policies on most issues in the lead up to a general election…which is at least 12 months away. The Labor Party is no exception.
      This absolute obsession with Adani is mind-blowingly boring…the bloody mine is NOT going to proceed for all the reasons that many, including Bill Shorten, have already detailed. The Labor Party is not willing to satisfy the Greens beat-up, because there are legal, possible compensation and sovereign risk issues involved which will be sorted out once they are in government and have access to all the required detail. If the people of Batman can’t see that, then I feel sorry for them.
      How come the Greens aren’t attacking the current government over Adani? They are the ones who signed the contract and agreed that said mine could proceed.
      Labor had NO part in that scenario. But NO…it is just putrid politics by the Greens, which frankly, I find distasteful in the extreme!!

    2. Arky

      Yeah, sure, the party which went to the last election with more big policies than any opposition in years, which staked out a pretty daring position on the negative gearing sacred cow, made big commitments on health and education etc, that’s the policy “everyman on every topic”. What bullshit that is.

  6. AR

    If bumBoil Shlernt’s woeful wittering and torturous contortions over Adani are insufficient to demonstrate that he is incapable of rational thought and thus shouldn’t be trusted to wander the streets then surely his tin eared captain’s pick of a vat bred apparatchik like Kearney as candidate must disabuse even rusted on true believers that Labor is just the obverse of the tory coin, counterfeit & worthless.

    1. CML

      Your comments are disgusting…I am offended by your ability to pass the moderator when you consistently play the man and not the issue.
      F+*@ OFF!!!!!

      1. Draco Houston

        If you think that comment is disgusting you haven’t been on the internet very long.

    2. gerald butler

      You’re opinion on Turnbull? He has taken the Graucho Marx advice and displayed a full suite of other principles!

  7. James Findlay

    Your correspondent’s commitment to keeping the LNP in power is admirable.

  8. CML

    This is blatant and shameful political comment on behalf of the Greens, who will never be in power to do ANYTHING!!
    This is NOT what I, and many others, pay our subscription to Crikey for. Comment should be unbiased, factual and fair to all.
    This week, so far, has been a disaster for your publication…mainly because much of the comment is simply NOT true.
    On the Adani question…you would all do well to read the blog comments following Charlie Lewis’s article yesterday…and GET A GRIP!!!!!

    1. Nudiefish

      CML, we are indeed fortunate that Crikey is not a party organ which dances to demanded political outcomes. Whether or not the Greens attain power is not the Question. The Interesting Question on offer is how Shorten is managing to be on every political position of Adani without the apparent aid of the Kama Sutra.

      PS: Do tell if you are going to cancel your subscription of Crikey due to its even-handedness. I shall pick up another subscription just to cover the loss of income.

      1. CML

        “…Crikey is not a party organ…” Could have fooled me…they are making a feast of it at present. As I pointed out, I only want ‘unbiased, factual and fair’ reporting. Not in your wildest dreams could you call the writer of this article, and the one yesterday, ANY of those things. They are both blatant Greens campaigning scribbles.
        Competent journalists and commentators don’t seem to have any trouble understanding what Bill Shorten is saying about Adani…read articles in Pearls and Irritations, Independent Australia and to some in The Guardian. At least he gets a fair hearing, and the pitfalls and dangers in making careless public statements are clearly understood.
        The Greens don’t have to worry about the legal and other issues that arise over the Coalition’s sanctioning of this mine, because they will never be in government. Labor is being much more careful, because by all current indications, they will be next year. This is a country we are running, not a half-baked, minor political party.
        About my subscription…that is my business, and I will await improvements!!

        1. Bob the builder

          If you think what Rundle or indeed Crikey says can change elections, then you need to up your medication.
          And if you didn’t read with faded pink-tinted ALP Brand glasses, you might see the many articles about the Greens’ troubles.

          1. Arky

            Crikey as a whole is perfectly reasonable about reporting on the Greens as well as Labor and the Coalition. It’s undeniable that Rundle and others are basically campaigning for the Greens in Batman and writing extremely tilted pieces for the benefit of an audience perhaps more likely to read Crikey than the average (especially if the Greens make a point of promoting links to the articles).

            The claims about Labor’s “shifting positions” and “wildly different versions” of its policy simply don’t stack up, it’s the classic situating of repeating a bullshit line until it becomes the accepted wisdom just through repetition.

      2. Myki Smith

        Nudiefish, please pick a subscription to cover my cancellation.

  9. klewso

    How lucky are we that these arses weren’t around in the Bjelke-Petersen daze? Fraser Island would be a ditch and the GBR would be a series of oil drilling and cement quarry stepping stones from Gladstone to the Cape? Jobs and neoplasms.

  10. Frank Brank

    This is a pretty disappointing piece of journalism from someone who generally makes thought provoking contributions. A slanted smack in the ear for Labor and its candidate and an uncharacteristically mealy-mouthed single paragraph on the alternative. Whether or not The Greens win Batman will make not a jot of difference to Adani’s future. The election of Ged Kearney would, I contend, be a positive contribution to a possible future Labor Government. But then, if all you care about is the Greens gaining another seat, why would you want to discuss that?

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