New South Wales

Mar 7, 2018

Former NSW Greens MP takes party to court amid preselection row

A former NSW state Greens MP and chief of staff to Richard di Natale intends to bring a legal action against her own party.

Max Chalmers

Freelance journalist

A former NSW state Greens MP and chief-of-staff to federal leader Richard Di Natale is taking the NSW branch of the party to court in the wake of a faltering preselection bid.

Cate Faehrmann, who until last week continued to work in Di Natale’s office, began proceedings in the NSW Supreme Court on Tuesday.

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13 thoughts on “Former NSW Greens MP takes party to court amid preselection row

  1. [email protected]

    You don’t take legal action out on your own kind. The bad blood oozes out and spreads ill-will everywhere when planning to gather votes for a further move. You don’t take an axe when a knife will suffice to do the cutting. An axe causes splinters.

  2. gjb

    Hope her legal action fails, Political careerist are destroying credibility with the public.
    Get a real job parasite.

  3. [email protected]

    You don’t attack your own kind and find you come out the other side still intact.

  4. Marcus Ogden

    So in summary:
    Faehrmann, who has previously served the party at senior level both in NSW and federally, wants to be a candidate for an elected NSW position.
    Her factional opponents (or possibly just red tape) are blocking this on a technicality that may or may not be legally dodgy.
    Sounds perfectly reasonable for Faehrmann to seek a ruling on whether this technicality is legal or not.

    1. [email protected]

      If factions are blocking on a technicality then they will block on anything, meaning this could get worse instead of better for Cate Faehrmann.

  5. brian crooks

    the greens are becoming less relevant under di natali than they were under brown, their clinging to the coat tails of turnbull in the hope of some political favour has turned them into a clone of the now gone democrats, instead of promoting a centre left agenda they now flip flop from the fringes to the right of the political ideology and support some of turnbulls stupid policies, this is causing much internal friction and they are starting to turn on each other, their future is now very much in doubt and it would seem they are heading in the same path as the democrats under meg lees.

    1. CML

      Well said, Brian!
      Can’t believe the sainted Greens are having a barney…and more surprising, Crikey are actually reporting it.
      Wonders will never cease!!
      PS: Re this Faruqi Senate candidate…is she the wife of that ‘journalist’ who had a large ‘white racist’ spray on twitter (subsequently removed) a few months ago? You know, the guy who still appears on the ABC The Drum and other programs?
      If so, the Greens are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
      I’d like to see a white person who had an equal spray at Moslems given such latitude…but then it is all so one-sided when it comes to the Greens.

    2. York City

      Since their dirty deal with Turnbull on the senate rules that gave us the last double dissolution election which resulted in the removal of hilarious Palmer and Co. and the Victorian guy who was firming up to be a very rare actual genuine Senator, I rate the Greens as only slightly better than the awful duopoly parties.

  6. AR

    Mearie de , lawyers, in-fighting, Court, … ad nauseam.
    “Et Tu, Verdus?”

    1. [email protected]

      Trolls should be banned.
      Verde not Verdus.

  7. [email protected]

    My understanding and experience is the membership does transfer across State borders, so I find this case puzzling.

  8. covenanter

    Ahem, The NSW Greens are a state party and the Australian Greens constitution regulates the federation of independent state Greens parties.
    So the question of the rules of provisional membership of an independent state based party hardly resides in any federal arena.
    The complainant in question quite clearly changed her membership while living in Victoria, while all Greens members remain members of the Australian Greens wherever they go. It is unlikely that any magistrate will contradict the independence of the states, considering that Australia itself is a federation of states and territories.
    So what might one conclude from this “legal” complaint?
    That Di Natale, Victorian Senator,and his assistant want an end to federation for Australia and The Greens?
    They want a federal magistrate to rule that membership of the Australian Greens over-rides the membership rules of the independent state parties which comprise the Australian Greens?
    In pursuance perhaps of Browns “One World Government” thought bubble?
    Where is the Greens principle of grassroots participatory democracy in all this?
    California style Citizens Initiated Referenda never to be championed in Australia by the “Australian Greens”?
    Says it all, really.

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