Mar 7, 2018

How can News Corp point the finger at Tingle?

If a journalist has a conflict of interest when they have contractual links with key participants in public debate, where does that leave News Corp?

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Laura Tingle hasn't even arrived at the ABC yet and The Australian is already having a go at her. "The Australian Financial Review’s political editor has signed a $15,000 contract for two days’ work with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet," the Oz breathlessly reported today.

Tingle, who sadly has barely appeared in the AFR's pages since her move to the ABC's flagship 7.30 was revealed, told the Oz there was no conflict of interest between her reporting duties and doing some hosting and MC gigs at the ASEAN Business Summit in Sydney in just over a week. But in what we assumed was a line the Oz meant for us to read in an ominous voice, "a spokesman for Fairfax declined to detail what guidelines applied to its journalists undertaking contract work for a government department on which they reported as part of their round".

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16 thoughts on “How can News Corp point the finger at Tingle?

  1. zut alors

    The minute Tingle joined the ABC she had a target painted on her by Murdoch’s local serfs.

    Her tweet has a delicious sting.

    1. paddy

      Twitter has been very entertaining this morning. 🙂

      1. DF

        Yeah – the stuff coming out of the US on Downer is straight outta LaLaLand. They need to cut back on the Mayo.

    2. Rais

      The tweet was unkind but not unjust. I hope that particular balance won’t be completely suppressed by working for the ABC. The last thing we need reporting on the actions of government is a reporter who is too kind.

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    Excuse me if I may, I’d like to point out the splinter in your eye, which is surprising I can see at all, given the log that is in mine.

  3. brian crooks

    I dont take any notice of news corp, voters dont take any notice of news corp, only poor pathetic little pixie ears trumble takes notice, he gets a cold shiver up where is spine should be every time rupert shouts at him. news corpse, yesterday news, nobody buys their rags, they have to give them away at McDonalds to try and to keep circulation from disappearing altogether.

  4. AR

    I find it improbable that any person with integrity or self respect would kiss Rupert’s Ring and do his schilling, no matter how many of his shillings they take.

  5. Lee Tinson

    I wonder what the going rate for anyone doing that sort of gig is? I suspect it’s probably $15,000.

    One day Rupe’s going to die. So it goes.

    1. Dog's Breakfast

      I have said a few times, and certainly thought it. I don’t really wish anyone dead or ill health, except perhaps for the likes of Mugabe, but in Rupert, geez, he tests me.

      Outwardly an intelligent and highly successful businessman, and yet I can’t see anything much but evil as the outcome of his influence. He has used his influence for the lowest common cause, making money, and it’s not hard to make a case that his has caused huge suffering to the less well off, and certainly to our political system.

      1. klewso

        His ego outgrew his heart.

      2. Arky

        I’m on record many times saying I will queue up the Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead song when Rupert dies, and do a dance. Unlike Rupert’s papers, I am no hypocrite who will pretend I would be sorry at his passing. One of the biggest blights on the Western world in the past 30 years, there’d probably be more people alive and more happiness if not for Murdoch’s malign influence on politics in the US, UK and Australia.

  6. klewso

    How? Because she’s a real journalist and they so rarely see them?

  7. [email protected]

    A journalist can only report fairly in a scenario like journalistic Globalisation where there is free trade when a journalist has a Code of Ethics. And the AJA Code of Ethics seems to me does not exist any more. Journalists in a Code of Ethics with Ethics as a mainstay as the base of their reporting cannot report to more than one employer as it is a Conflict of Interest of the ‘slant’ of the story. A story is never the truth but a construction of the truth using thought and the thinking processes of the journalist concerned and to whom that writing is to be reported to and how it is to be published. That means the journalist cannot with an Ethical approach write one story but would have to write multiple stories on the same subject for each overseer in their contract of work. That means the same story written differently could contradict other versions of the story because the Conflict of Interest gets in the way. This confusion also means the journalist also would have to carry a lawyer around with them or get each verson checked by a lawyer. This is folly. This is indeed folly.

  8. Bob the builder

    $15K of government money spent to have someone talk a bit?
    I’ll do it for a grand!

  9. Mika

    Here we are giving oxygen to the toadies, stooges, cynical expedients and dupes over at Newscorp? Like their faintly ridiculous Octogenarian owner, their best days are behind them, and time of influence is fast coming to an end. News did not kill the last Fed Labor Govt: Labor killed themselves. News will not be able to kill the Andrews Govt – despite shamelessly giving it one hell of a crack on a daily basis for the past few years. They will not be able to save the Federal LNP Govt, despite the anti Shorten, anti Union, anti terrorist/immigrant dribble they will pile on pre-election. They speak to a declining, cretinous audience already drunk on Alan Jones et al.

    1. zut alors

      At some point News Corp will abandon the quest to save the LNP government as it becomes clear Labor is likely to win due to the incumbents favouring corporations over citizens & being devoid of socially progressive policies.

      Murdoch has form re changing horses in a race, he likes to boast he backed the winner. Rudd in 2007 is an example.

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