Mar 5, 2018

Rundle: blitzed in the side bar at Will Hodgman’s monster’s ball

The Liberal vote started well and crept up remorselessly through the evening. Lambie failed entirely. It was all pretty mundane. But Tasmania has surprised us before. It will again.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


The stars came out to play in Hobart on Saturday night, streaming into the Hotel Grand Chancellor -- a butt-ugly '80s pile, wrecking the waterfront -- in all the most cutting-edge fashions of the late 1990s, to watch the white-knuckle excitement of the 2018 Tasmanian election, conducted under the Hare-Clark-Robson system. Would there be a hung parliament? Would the Lambie Network gain the balance of power? Would some plucky independent surge ahead?


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13 thoughts on “Rundle: blitzed in the side bar at Will Hodgman’s monster’s ball

  1. zut alors

    ‘…suffused with a radiance’

    Watch out, the last time the Angel of the Lord had a gig didn’t an innocent bystander end up with child?

    1. Decorum

      When I saw that photo I thought Guy was with John Clarke and thought maybe John’s still alive in Tassie, ‘tho he’d be Fred Dagg still. What a disappointment to see it was Abetz, leading member of the Hitler Middle-Aged. (Sorry, I withdraw that unreservedly if anybody was offended.)

    2. Don

      Hey, that’s it! Fear not Barnaby and wonder no more.

    3. AR

      Grundle does seem to be late stage enceinte – please assure us it is not by EricA.

  2. EG

    Good stuff Guy.
    For one horrible moment though I thought you were Mark Textor in the happy snap.
    To paraphrase a line from the excellent Goanna anthem Let The Frankin Flow, “oh Tasmania what have you done”

  3. paddy

    Dear Guy, as I watch the abomination that is “The Oscars” while I’m reading your latest piece.
    The least I can do is to thank you for the best line of the day.
    “a Green bisexual quad-biker from Burnie”
    I mean seriously. That’s better than Barnaby claiming immaculate conception.
    We who subscribe to Crikey, expect a follow up post, on what bastardry the Tasmanian Govt inflicts on its poor benighted voters.
    You’ve been pretty good, in a really crappy field, when it comes to covering Tassie.
    A quick squiz 6 mths down the track, would be a bloody good idea.

  4. paddy

    Good grief!
    I read this article without the benefit of visuals.
    Just spotted the pics.
    Sheesh Guy! Either get a better photographer, or do a Pauline. 🙂

  5. Nudiefish

    Abetz better brush up on his Who’s Who.

    He clearly had no idea he was posing with Stalin.

  6. Dog's Breakfast

    Democracy, bought and paid for, brought to you by …………………..

    The crony capitalism, neoliberal gravy train rolls on, nothing to see here. Government of the corporates, by the corporates, for the corporates.

  7. Peter Wileman

    “The big losers of the night were the Lambie Network, on zero seats” – Nah, it’s we Taswegians of course – here comes Woolies to buy up the pubs.
    Lovely photos of Guy with the anti-christ, nutter, and then another with Astro Labe. Perfectly understandable that the pic with Erica is fuzzy. Beezlebub has that effect.

  8. davoid

    You’ve been reading Molesworth again.

  9. AR

    Is this just the last ebb tide before the sheeple wake up?
    Nah, didn’t think so.
    Hope is a cruel thing.

  10. mikeb

    Crikey Grundle if I’d known you were here I’d have shouted you a beer or two.

    PS – I used to drink with Erika before he was famous. He was a prick then as well.

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