Mar 5, 2018

Poll Bludger: Libs out-gun, out-spend Labor at Tassie election

The Liberals are duly pleased with themselves for having run a campaign based on bread-and-butter economic fundamentals, aided by the economy's undeniably strong performance on Premier Will Hodgman's watch.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman

After a grim start to the year for the Coalition at federal level, the Tasmanian state election provided some rare good news to warm conservative cockles on Saturday.

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7 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: Libs out-gun, out-spend Labor at Tassie election

  1. leon knight

    People who are not addicted to gambling should show some pity for those who are (and more so for their unfortunate families), and boycott venues that survive on poker machines.
    Clearly a political solution will be a long time coming, and the owners and makers of those evil machines are never likely to develop a conscience.

  2. Nudiefish

    I heard that the Libs will water down the gun laws. If true, this will be an interesting space to watch – given the freaken elephant in the Tassie room.

  3. Marcus Hicks

    All that money thrown at the election, so many deals kept secret from the general public, & the Libs still suffered a swing against them. I don’t think they can pat themselves on the back too hard.

  4. Dog's Breakfast

    “Just as green parties in the United Kingdom and New Zealand shed support last year when faced by Jeremy Corbyn and Jacinda Ardern”

    Indeed Mr Bowe, I suspect that people are actually looking for an opposition party, and too often find that Labor isn’t in the list. Mr Shorten, if he really wanted to damage the greens, might like to consider policies that work for the common good.

  5. Jude

    How can you say that this is a victory for the Liberals, when they’ve sold their independence to the pokies lobby? They may as well badge themselves as the political arm of Federal Hotels.

  6. AR

    The Libs still win despite a significant loss of votes. Until Labor acknowledges that they are on the nose with anyone with half a brain under the age of 50 and enters into an alliance with the Greens the torys will continue to slither inbetween.

  7. mikeb

    A lot of Green votes went to Labor in an effort to stop the Libs and support anti pokies. The saturation advertising by the hotel lobby and Federal Group was something to witness. They are the new Gunns and the Libs are their lackeys. Presume another 20 year monopoly agreement with Fed Group just needs a rubber stamp.

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