There's now a clear split in the senior ranks of the business community. It's between those who have worked out that big business is loathed by many in the community, and those who either don't understand that or don't care, and continue to push a self-interested agenda around attacking workers and cutting company taxes.

The Business Council is the leading example of the latter. They believe that if they repeat that they need tax cuts often enough, and donate enough money to politicians, eventually they'll get a tax windfall regardless of how the community views business. Indeed, on that score, the problem is with the community, not with business -- it is the community that is wrong about business, and needs to understand that what's good for business is good for Australia. To this end, the BCA announced today it had joined with News Corp to run a propaganda campaign on Sky News called Strong Australia, "a new national platform for discussing the pressing issues facing Australians... to discuss practical and actionable solutions." Australians, the BCA's Jennifer Westacott said, "aren’t interested in the bickering that dominates our political landscape" so the BCA-News campaign "will help identify the practical, pragmatic solutions we need."