Mar 5, 2018

Barnaby Joyce’s overshare leaves media with a choice

Now only media bosses, not journalists, can decide how to handle the Joyce affair with maturity.

Rebekah Holt

Freelance journalist

There comes a difficult stage in every relationship break up when one person knows it’s over but the other person is Barnaby Joyce.

Right now Australia’s media is going through that stage of deciding if they go cold turkey and block Barnaby’s texts or flick him the odd one word answer that keeps him hanging on in case he has something juicy. 

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32 thoughts on “Barnaby Joyce’s overshare leaves media with a choice

  1. Richard Thompson

    A beautifully written, thoughtful and amusing article. It certainly is time to ignore any further B correspondence.

  2. Arky

    “We are watching our favorite joke spin out of control and take down innocent bystanders.”

    Yeah, well, that favourite joke was leader of the National Party with his nose firmly in the public trough, moving public agencies and uprooting lives just to shore up his seat, thanks to journalists treating him like an amusing daffy uncle and giving him a bigger profile than anyone else in the National Party when Warren Truss retired. Great joke guys. Can the next favourite joke just be laughed at in private?

  3. john OCallaghan

    Wonderful witty funny writing Rebekah… bloody good stuff!

  4. Viki Wright Rivett

    With luck that poor little baby has an intelligent, articulate father, in a one-night-standish way, and doesn’t have to endure Barnaby’s genes.


  5. Nudiefish

    Joyce has been a backbencher for a few minutes and the bastard has called four pressers demanding that he be left alone.

    Now this – casting something… something… about his girlfriend – not sure exactly what? Whatever it is, it seems nasty and lacks class. Very Joycian, in fact.

    I do think that newsrooms across the country should quickly lose Barnaby’s number before viewers receive any more unwanted information about how he spends his “free time”. Besides which, watching him destroy those people around him (Turnbull excepted) is becoming too painful to handle.

  6. Mr B Barry

    Go away Barnaby Joyce. Get out. You are a disgrace. You have basically called your girlfriend a slut. I hate to think how this poor girl must feel after your slur on her reputation.
    You are the biggest political grub ever.

  7. klewso

    The turkey built a political career on being noticed – now he wants to change his feathers?

  8. Jude

    Good article Rebekah. Please let your editor know that I don’t want to hear or see another word about Barnaby unless it’s about his dubious decisions concerning water, fracking, mining, and the move of the Pesticides and Veterinary Substances Authority to Armidale. In other words, I’m not interested in his personal peccadillos, I’m interested in the media doing its job. I’m sure there are other readers who ask for the same standard.

  9. AR

    Rebekah – nice style and good, relevant & mordant thoughts.
    On the bigger question, this bloke is heading for self immolation and the only thing I want to see reported is how all his rorts & corrupt conduct have now come a’crashing down on his swollen head.

    1. Salamander

      Hear hear on all points.

  10. Janno

    Another koala stamp R.

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