Mar 5, 2018

Barnaby Joyce’s overshare leaves media with a choice

Now only media bosses, not journalists, can decide how to handle the Joyce affair with maturity.

Rebekah Holt

Freelance journalist

There comes a difficult stage in every relationship break up when one person knows it’s over but the other person is Barnaby Joyce.

Right now Australia’s media is going through that stage of deciding if they go cold turkey and block Barnaby’s texts or flick him the odd one word answer that keeps him hanging on in case he has something juicy. 

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32 thoughts on “Barnaby Joyce’s overshare leaves media with a choice

  1. Peter Adams

    Great reflection with some killer lines!

    1. Dog's Breakfast

      Thought the same, some great lines Rebekkah.
      Tawdry just doesn’t quite sum this episode up, does it.

  2. swimming the Hellespont

    more and more and more of the sickmaking ” looka me ” self pity from the beetrooter

  3. Rais

    Anything from Barnaby, the Onion Muncher or Christensen G. needs to be left for at least a week to ripen before use. If it evaporates as it’s most likely to do, problem solved.

  4. Jenny Morris

    I started to type a comment then took the advice of the columnist.
    Moving on!

  5. donhanoi

    I agree that BJ matters are beyond belief, beyond even soap-opera imagining. But media should continue the ‘accounting’ – BJ and significant others are still on the public purse; and his troubles do not nullify responsibility to the electorate?
    You mention Gina: a reporter should probe the motivations and timing of that $40,000 cheque. Was it a stud fee? or advanced baby shower? Was it simple charity in hard times?

  6. Chris Meddows-Taylo

    When will Barnaby realise people are concerned with the real issues in this country and the world such as the economy, equality, the environment, social justice, access to health and education, tackling disadvantage and creating a better sustainable society and world for the future and in this context no one is remotely interested in the paternity of his unborn child. What is breathtaking arrogance is that he thinks we really are interested. Unbelievable!

    1. Woopwoop

      But the media also seem to think we see politics as a reality show about personalities rather than the real issues you mention.

  7. John of Alphington

    Nice work and sentiments

  8. old greybearded one

    Yeah.I am left with mixed feelings. One is that Joyce is a low life piece of garbage for what he said. Another is that Ms Campion was a bloody fool for having anything to do with him ( or else she is a chancer.) I prefer to think fool.

    1. swimming the Hellespont

      I am having second thoughts. I think he is suffering from first degree grip loss.
      As well as being a fool.

  9. paddy

    Standing ovation Rebekah.
    It’s been a while since anyone on Crikey earned the koala stamp with gum leaves.
    But you’ve done it today. Bravo!

    1. EG

      In furious agreement Paddy.
      I’m taking the pledge not read or write anything more about this dill unless it’s to celebrate him leaving public life.

    2. jmendelssohn

      I also have a sneaky feeling that this “over sharing” is a bit of a dead cat. He’s been involved in some fairly smelly activities concerning the Murray/Darling, mates, mining etc. I think its time for journalists to ignore every personal tidbit he waves at them but please – follow the money

  10. zut alors

    By now surely even Cousin Jethro has tired of hearing his own voice.

    Imagine if a New England by-election was held next Saturday…

    1. EG

      Incredible to write this Zut, but knowing the place well, I reckon he’d still romp home.

      1. AR

        Alas, too true. His perfidy was known to all, courtesy of his daughter’s bullhorn ride through Tamworth on a ute.
        They don’t care – the pork barrel is too much fun.

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