Mar 2, 2018

Rundle in Tasmania: The Gina Timmsiad

Door knocking with a Jacqui Lambie Network candidate exposes this kind of populism for its lack of depth and wealth of meaning.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


"The Edgewater! Had many goooooood times here!" At my motel, Gina Timms, a big woman, short black hair and broad of face, in the Lambie livery of black and yellow, jumps out of a big car, with a big picture of Gina Timms on the side. Black hair, broad of face, it’s an eternal regress…

‘I thought we’d go to Sprayton and Eastville’ places I’ve never heard of, ‘burbs and satellites of Devonport, centre of the eastern edge of Braddon, the sprawling seat that Gina and four other Jacqui Lambie Networkers are contesting. It’s raw, grey, 9am, a Tuesday morning in North Tasmania.

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14 thoughts on “Rundle in Tasmania: The Gina Timmsiad

  1. Charles Stanton


  2. Robert Moore

    Sprayton? Or do you mean Spreyton? Michael Hodgman? or do you mean Will Hodgman (Michael’s dead, isn’t he)? East Davenport? Or East Devonport? (A davenport’s a piece of furniture isn’t it?) You may see Tasmania as a quaint little backwater, but please show enough respect to check at least your spelling …

    1. Peter Wileman

      Yeah, I was just sitting on the porch, sucking on my corncob pipe, admiring the swans that we made out of old tires whilst I tuned my banjo, when I thought, “Is this the standard of Rundle’s writing, or did he just rip off a quickie without thinking too much?” Tassie is quaint, a little backward, a mendicant state, but no doubt things will catch up with all of the Sydneysiders moving in down here.

  3. zut alors

    Rundle is robbed of fun on the campaign trail when the candidate’s party line isn’t anti-Rundle/Crikey (eg: Pauline Hanson One Nation). Nevertheless, in 2017 a rare sighting of an orange carpet in a public space makes the Tasmania gig worthwhile.

    Gin could’ve written a bullet point verse of JLN policy & sung it at each opened door. Killing two birds with a single ditty.

    1. zut alors

      typo: Gina could’ve written…

  4. swimming the Hellespont

    We have MHAs on the Map; not MLAs as youse do in Victoria.

  5. campidg

    “It’s the usual reluctance to start, it gets everyone except deranged narcissists, the deep resistance to bothering someone and recommending yourself to them as their ruler.”
    Ahhh, Guy. You have seen into the deepest pit of my soul and put into words what you found there. On one hand face to face contact is the best way to engage voters, on the other hand 80% of the time people are out, or politely uninterested or impolitely hostile with another 15% who talk too long and will/maybe vote for us, and maybe 5% responding something like “The Greens? Good on you! I’m voting for you anyway so I won’t keep you.” Post campaign analysis says it works, but by god when you are doing it, it seems like a huge amount of putting your self out there for a tiny gain.

  6. David Irving (no relation)

    You’re right about her music: hokey, but she has a reasonable voice.

    1. Jeremy

      Got to love that immediate inline disclaimer, David. “I’ll stop you right there. I’ve had this conversation. I don’t want to have it again.”

  7. Nudiefish

    Grundle is always at his considerable best when on the Hustings. One get’s so sick of the usual ALP-LNP pap.

  8. AR

    It had become very tedious reading grundle’s recent navel fluff scrying in the Sheeples’ Repubic of Inner Latte so this was welcome, if unedifying and very, very depressing to have him out in the reel, trooly dooly world.
    To put it in teknikal terms, we is gefukked.

  9. pjp

    Yep, Mr Rundle is at his best when out on the political trail capturing the truth of modern Western decay and the pathos of life lived on the margins.
    If anyone, including Mr Rundle, can read German then take a look at Axel Hacke’s book Deutschland Album describing his encounters with the lost and betrayed along the old inner-German border. It lacks Mr Rundle’s unique wit and gonzo-style/method acting approach to a story, but it’s very similar thematically. The only difference is the added sadness of people broken by the system having to see how the former Staasi officers and their informers are the ones who now own the car dealerships.

    1. Guy Rundle

      hey PJP
      thanks for that. Honneth is fantastic on this stuff, a model of committed sociology. really worth reading

  10. everyday letter writer

    An interesting article but did the parachute silk get in your eyes.
    Spreyton, not Sprayton.
    Nearly always ‘north west coast’ not ‘North Tasmania’ to the Coasters

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