Mar 2, 2018

Leyonhjelm’s pottymouth smacks of political impotence

Australia has a long tradition of parliamentary vulgarity, but Senator Leyonhjelm might be the first to regularly turn it back on the voters.

Elisa Sylva

Freelance writer

Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm may think it’s cool to tell Australian citizens to “go fuck themselves", however he might be proving more about his essential ineffectiveness than merely forgetting his manners.

Recent interactions on Twitter between Leyonhjelm and several Australian constituents have raised some cyber eyebrows. As a libertarian in support of looser gun laws, he tweeted a controversial cartoon depicting gun regulation as being nonsensical.

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11 thoughts on “Leyonhjelm’s pottymouth smacks of political impotence

  1. Hurlingham

    This is a great article.
    Didn’t Leyonhjelm appear on the Chaser a few years ago, saying vans covered in explicit sexual language were ok, but when Chaser team confronted him about a van covered in explicit language about HIM, he blew his so-called libertarian fuse?
    Anyone else remember that excellent TV?

  2. zut alors

    Despite the fact that the sight & sound of Sen. Leyonhjelm normally brings me out in a rash, his use of ‘GFY’ is slmost to be commended. For it’s one of the rare occasions when a politician has truthfully stated what he’s thinking without party line self-editing.

    1. Hurlingham

      You obviously haven’t seen the rest of his tweets…..this is just the start. It’s not just the language – he really is trying to be a poor man’s Trump.

  3. old greybearded one

    PLease stop this garbage term pottymouth. It is a chilo]dish American euphemism. The words foul language call it for what it is. Leyonhjelm, as demonstrated by his obsession with things that go “Bang” loudly and often is in a state of arrested development and need to be told to grow up for Christ’s sake. What a nitwit, he can’t even swear competently. My old man eschewed some words as too vile, but geez he could put them together well. He would have scorched the less than honourable senator’s ears. Then his parting remark might be, “And that’s praising you up, you useless bastard!” I am not impugning the legitimacy of Leyonhjelm, but Dad surely would have, rest his soul.

  4. klewso

    Last time I saw this bloke he was a teller in Gringott’s Bank?

  5. Bob the builder

    Agree with the comments about insipid Americanisms.

    As for Leyonhjelm, the Chaser provided the last comment on his love of free speech. He doesn’t love it if it’s directed at him. No more to be said.

  6. Robert Beverley

    GFY or the extended version is not necessarily inappropriate in reply to content free abuse.

    However, using it simply to dismiss a contrary opinion makes him look intellectually challenged.

    ‘U mad bro?’ would be an unsurprising response.

  7. AR

    “To be insulted by you is to be garlanded with lillies” but Aristophanes he ain’t.

  8. Sara Runciman

    No, it’s not ok for a person to swear at the people who pay their wages. If you put your hand up to serve the public, then there are certain guidelines that need to be adhered to. Fine, be fiery, defend your beliefs, even if they make you an outlier, but keep it professional, or go back to the soap box at your local.

    1. Michael

      Totally agree, Sara. Civil discourse is a pretty basic requirement for a politician. Why not challenge his interrogators’ ideas? Have an actual (reasoned and polite) debate?

      1. Hurlingham

        Could not agree more. Leyonhjelm’s typical response to public debating or questioning him in any way is to swear at them and block them. Truth is, he was lucky to be elected last time, as his LDP at top of ballot paper probably confused many people who thought they were voting LNP. He won’t get the same luck next time.
        With his pro-Trump attitude and fondness for US-style gun laws, I very much doubt he’ll be voted in again. Most aussies are turned off by that type of US political rhetoric.

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