South Australia

Feb 28, 2018

Messiah or very naughty boy? How to save Nick Xenophon’s campaign

We're little more than a week into the state election campaign and already for Nick Xenophon, the equation appears to have shifted from “How far?” to merely: “How?”

Tom Richardson

Senior reporter at InDaily

After December’s Newspoll suggested SA Best was outgunning both major parties on the primary vote, Xenophon swiftly lifted his sights – his original ambition to contest around a dozen Lower House seats soon became 20, then 24 (the number required to form a majority in the 47-seat parliament), then 30, before finally running out of steam at 36.

All of which had plenty of pundits, including within major party ranks, fervently predicting he could finish up with more seats than the Liberal Party, whose terrain he appeared set to plunder – particularly in the Hills seats nestled within the footprint of the federal Mayo electorate, where the NXT’s Rebekha Sharkie was already ensconced.

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4 thoughts on “Messiah or very naughty boy? How to save Nick Xenophon’s campaign

  1. sheamcduff

    In the last federal election most, by a fair margin – 60% roughly, Xenophon voters preferenced the Labor party suggesting that they would vote ALP first if there were no NXT/SA BEST whatever he calls his claque this week

  2. zut alors

    Messiah or very naughty boy?

    I’m curious to hear how Xenophon would answer that.

  3. nino

    The media here in SA, including the ABC, have done a job on Nick. They’ve portrayed him as dismissively as they possibly can. They let his opponents speak for themselves, outline their policies and generally talk shit, but not Nick. They just show him doing something that appears silly, like singing in a pub or something. I’ve also noticed how, over the years, they have let Labor get away with murder. Liberals have almost nothing to say either, on major issues, because Labor is doing their job for them. It shows how the media colludes with both major parties to keep the status quo.

  4. AR

    There should be no surprise about T1 & T2 exchanging preferences to prevent an independent disrupting the cozy duopoly.
    Janine Haines when she stood for the Reps, Peter Garrett for the NDP, Peter Andren, the tactic has an inglorious history going back to Silver Ming giving preferences to all and sundry, even the Communists which prevented Labor winning in 1969.

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