Feb 28, 2018

Is the Lambie Network headed to the slaughter?

Has Jacqui Lambie killed her state team's chances by backing the Liberals ahead of her 2019 Senate tilt?

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Lambie has thrown her support behind Premier Will Hodgman and the Liberal Party, a move that would appear to put an end to the former senator’s image as an even-handed player who would take each issue on its merits.

But Crikey believes that all signs point to Lambie having given up on running as a true independent days or even weeks ago, as her sprawling Jacqui Lambie Network campaign was all but decommissioned at the end of last week. 

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14 thoughts on “Is the Lambie Network headed to the slaughter?

  1. timbral

    No wonder she can’t get a root.

    1. AR

      MODERATOR?! Come on, how can this be still up?

      1. Bob the builder

        Maybe free speech?

        1. AR

          Free speech indeed but it is content free abuse.

          1. EG

            Lambie has frequently publicly complained about not being able to “gar”; her actual words.

  2. zut alors

    The formation of the JLN was a dud idea. Organising a political party distracted Lambie from the main game & delivered her a natural heir in the Senate, Martin. Without JLN he would never have entertained the idea of being a senator..let alone achieve it.

    Lambie’s strength was as an independent, she was at her zenith after ditching Palmer.

    1. Stuart Johnson

      I think the main reason was probably that she needed running mates to have a group above the line on the ballot, otherwise she would just be with the ungrouped independents and have less chance of getting elected.

  3. klewso

    Mutton done up as Lambie? Can she wether this?

    1. klewso

      ….. Would you believe “Martin done up as Lambie was a bad idea”?

      1. zut alors

        When he snaffled the Senate seat she gave him a Lambie roast.

    2. AR

      Martin could be a wether but not Lambie.

  4. David Stakes

    What a loose Canon she is. Says some good things, then shoots herself in the foot. Needs to get her brain into gear before she opens her mouth.

    1. Mr Smith

      She’s a camera?

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