Another ABC news reshuffle. Ahead of the ABC's appearance at Senate Estimates last night, a staff email announced a reshuffle of editorial positions that head of news Gaven Morris said would clear up any confusion after the chaos around the cabinet files and Emma Alberici decisions. But Morris didn't say why he thinks a management structure change and change of title can suddenly help it recover from the damage to the prestige and reputation of its news and current affairs division.

In the email, Morris conceded there had been "number of editorial issues" and indicated a need to improve processes, particularly with regard to the ABC's online output. The key change is to the ABC's "news leadership team", with deputy director of news Craig McMurtrie getting the new role and title of executive editor, ABC News, where managing editors of digital, television, radio news and fact-check will report directly to him. John Lyons will still oversee the investigative and in-depth journalism unit. -- Glenn Dyer