Feb 26, 2018

Rundle: Vic Labor’s Apple store shows it’s getting desperate for an ‘innovation’ win

The strange decision to whack an Apple store in the middle of Federation Square is just one of Minister of Innovation Phillip Dalidakis' many missteps in an industry he doesn't understand.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


A design of the proposed new building at Federation Square. Supplied: Victorian government.

A story on the Apple store a day makes ... Victorian Labor very rattled.

The proposal to plonk down an Apple shop -- sorry, a golden pavilioned experience lotus-flower -- in Melbourne's Federation Square was pushed through state cabinet before Christmas, with all the details hidden as commercial-in-confidence.

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10 thoughts on “Rundle: Vic Labor’s Apple store shows it’s getting desperate for an ‘innovation’ win

  1. zut alors

    Dalidakis infers that Melbourne doesn’t rate as ‘…a city that has relevance, a city that has importance …’ without the crowning glory of an Apple store.

    Furthermore, is he suggesting that unless Apple can build in Fed Square there is no other CBD location Apple would entertain. Seriously, Apple is willing to forego sales in a city of almost 5 million people?

    1. Gary

      They had options on the GPO and decided against that option.
      Apple have been waiting since before Chadstone for the ‘better’ central position..Fed Sq was in the press in October 2016..hardly a recent announcement. Though the official announcement before Christmas is politically odd!?

  2. graybul

    Your third last paragraph say’s it all Guy. I don’t give a rat’s about internal machinations of Vic Labor. Apple plum in middle of Federation Square is simply wrong. If Labor can’t grasp that, then they divorce themselves from the Australian people’s wishes and deny us what every major city in the world strives for . . . a space of the people for the people.
    RACK OFF YOU . . . . HEADS!

  3. Moving to Paraguay

    Two words sum up the Dalidakis Apple push: cargo cult.

  4. Letterboxfrog

    When Canberra, a city of 450 thousand odd including Queanbeyan has its own Apple store, defacing, Federation Square with a monster Apple store doesn’t make Melbourne “world-class”, rather a mere pawn in Apple’s attempt to boost its gradually declining brand

  5. AR

    How does having a shop selling unnecessary toys, made largely by slave labour, deface a public space make grand any city so craven as to beg for it?

  6. Gary

    Never let a few facts upset a point of view.
    The initial Apple ‘flagship’ store idea has been in the offing for many years..before Chadstone.. The Fed Sq idea was reported in the online journals in October 2016 ..oops!? That doesn’t fit with the current mud slinging.
    As a long time Apple user the process is disappointing, the ‘artists impression’ is mis-leading, and the timing of the announcement baffling.. There are only a few of these stand alone ‘town square’ stores.
    While the process has been inept, the Fed Sq needs a draw is not a place to go and sit..that is the river which is blocked at the moment by the building proposed to be moved/reduced/demolished.. Some of the comments are wishful thinking rather than fact. Fed Sq is expected to pay its way. Since Kennett the neocon ruler is run over these projects. Cost for renovation and increase in Fed Sq open space -zero dollars.. hmm usually the usual suspects are noisy about money..this time not. As for commercial activities..they are already there, we lost that argument 15 years ago..No point re-fighting lost battles. Give it up for what it is.
    The original design will still be ugly. The surface will be inaccessible for 40% of the population. Rough-cut blocks at an angle..hopeless for wheel chair access or children in strollers
    So at least it will pay its way..or do the detractors opposers have a better proposition?
    Maybe Samsung..ha!
    Microsoft..complete waste of time..
    Only Apple will provide the experience..
    go visit a will change you mind.

    1. Moving to Paraguay

      I’m curious to know, Gary, what an Apple Flagship Store has to offer someone who will never be part of the Apple eco-system. How does it compare to something like Google’s Art and Culture portal?

    2. Letterboxfrog

      A true “flagship” store – there can only be one. BMW in Munich (BMW World), Haighs in Adelaide, Macy’s in New York, Harrod’s in London, even the Ginger Factory in Yandina 🙂 What unique experience does Melbourne bring to Australia and the world in the midst of Federation Square? A copy of another shop. Excuse me Melbourne as I drive through to catch the ferry to go to Tassie to go visit MONA.

    3. Nudiefish

      Unless one finds excitement inside a corporate “flagship” retail outlet? I think I’ll pass.

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