Feb 23, 2018

Poll Bludger: according to the numbers, the Nats don’t need Joyce

One thing Barnaby's defenders have used to argue their case is that the Deputy PM is really very good at "retail politics", that he reinvigorated the Nationals Party. But is that actually true?

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

In deciding the fate of Barnaby Joyce's leadership, a consideration that Nationals MPs will supposedly have to factor in is the electoral advantage conferred by Joyce's mastery of something called "retail politics".

Part of the proof is said to lie in the party's performance under Joyce's leadership at the 2016 election, which Joyce says was won only because his party "didn't go backwards -- we actually went forwards".

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5 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: according to the numbers, the Nats don’t need Joyce

  1. michael dwyer

    The seat of Murray was held by John McEwan for decades. His successor was also National. On his retirement, the Liberals put up a better candidate, and won the open seat. Thus the Nationals would not have fielded a candidate for some years. When the seat became vacant the Nationals had a superior candidate in Damien Drum, and the seat reverted to them. Drum was an upper house member of the Victorian parliament before transferring to Canberra. He was also a well-known sportsman, playing for Geelong and coaching at AFL level.

  2. unimpressed

    I have always wondered about the term ‘best retail politician’. Retail? – does this mean he’s for sale? Surely not. It must mean he can sell the goods. But the looseness of the term makes me wonder if someone’s having a lend of us.

  3. AR

    Given the changing demographic of New England, Tamworth, the uni in Armidale, a substantial and increasing influx of tree changers – cashed up from fleeing those ‘orrid ‘arbour views – and not thrilled by the prospect of another gNat, this electorate is as good a test bed as any for a truly environmentally aware representative.

  4. Christine James

    The seat of Page was won by the Nationals spending a lot more money than Labor or the Greens spent. This was not the only factor. The boundaries of the electorate were extended so gerrymandering was also involved.
    Former Labor MP for Page Janelle Saffin had really raised the bar from the perspective of infrastructure investment. The current Nats MP for Page Kevin Hogan has followed in her footsteps doing all the things Nats do these days, after decades of neglect – rebuild country bridges, roads, hospitals and invest in Catholic education primarily.
    Page needs investment in Renewable Energy, clean public transport to connect its towns and villages to coastal centres, and its farming and town communities need to begin cleaning up their act so the rivers can become healthy again. The rivers of the Page electorate are the most polluted in NSW.

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